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House-Elves Serve Up a Mean Slice of Humble Pie by astopperindeath [Reviews - 9]

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Disclaimer: This is not mine. I don't own the HP fandom. JK, Scholastic, and Warner Bros. do. I don't make any money, either.

“So Severus, about that bet…”

“You’re not going let me off, are you, Hermione Granger.”

“Oh no, what’s fair is fair. ‘If Gryffindor wins the House Cup, then I’ll eat Humble Pie’ is, I believe, what you said.”

“But you know what will happen, Hermione.”

“That is none of my concern.” She flicks her wand and a slice of Humble Pie à la mode appears before him. The other members of the High Table stare on in glee.

Severus sighs and takes his first bite, knowing what’s about to come. Minerva casts a silent Projection Charm to help Severus’ voice carry.

“I would like to say for the record that while I clearly would have preferred that Slytherin win this year’s Quidditch Cup, it is with complete… humility that I admit that the Gryffindor team played admirably this year…” Severus trails off, hoping this will be enough.

“And?” Hermione adds.

“…and that Harry Potter was the best Seeker I’ve seen in twenty years.”

Silence pervades the Great Hall. Severus looks as if he’s going to faint.

Hermione chuckles to herself. It’s about time Severus spoke with some humility. I must notify the house-elves to serve him a slice more often.

House-Elves Serve Up a Mean Slice of Humble Pie by astopperindeath [Reviews - 9]

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