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Events Unfold by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 7]

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A/N: These drabbles are a continuation of my story "Unxpected Events," though you don't have to read it to understand them; all that's necessary to know is that Snape and Hermione have twins: Turia and Titus by name. I'm posting them in publishing rather than chronological order, since each is essentially stand-alone (written for various GS100 challenges), and any future drabbles will likely bounce back and forth in the timeline just as these do. Thank you for reading and please drop an offering in the review box, if possible.

Events Unfold

Turia frowned at the letter, an act not unnoticed by her family.

"Malfoy being horrid again?" her twin, Titus, queried, eyebrow lifted. "Want me to hex him for you? Hold him while you hex?"

"No…" she replied doubtfully, examining the writing. "I don't think so."

"You don't think so?" Severus glanced at his sixteen-year-old daughter, his own eyebrow mirroring his son's. Like his wife, Turia was usually quite… decisive.

"Depends on whether he's serious or having me on." She shrugged, handing the parchment over. "He's gone from hate mail to love letters."

"You hold, I'll hex," Severus told his son.

An Early Start

Nobody had needed to tell Severus that the pitter-patter of little feet could be a pain in the arse; he'd known that for decades. So it came as no surprise that, though he loved his children dearly, there were times when he could cheerfully transport them to some distant continent— Australia, perhaps.

Early mornings were a particular bęte-noire. And the sounds coming from downstairs were horrendous. What the devil was Hermione thinking?

The bedroom door opened, and the two miscreants appeared at his bedside.

"Happy birthday, Dad! We made you breakfast in bed!"

A tiny smile. "Thank you, Turia, Titus."


It must be admitted that Severus Snape stared at his children. True, it was in an entirely Snape-like fashion— unobstrusive, side-long, and unobserved —but often he would watch them playing or sleeping or eating.

He found it fascinating that little bits of himself and Hermione showed so clearly in their faces.

Titus, poor child, was cursed with his father's Nose and mother's hair. But his infectious grin made them seem almost inconsequential. Turia was, even at six, extraordinarily pretty, with Hermione's full mouth and stubborn chin. And with his eyes.

Incredible, that something so beautiful could have his eyes.

Pomp and Circumstance

Severus growled as a tragic-looking young female stumbled into him.

"Mummy, Daddy's mad," Turia remarked. Hermione merely glanced over. Getting shoved about was to be expected; enormous crowds were waiting to see the procession following Prince William's wedding. (Hermione had blackmailed her husband into taking the children. Never mind the twins were only six.)

Their attention was diverted by Queen Elizabeth's carriage.

"Look, Mummy! Pretty!" Instantly, the queen's feather-bedecked hat flew over the crowd, settling on Titus's curly hair.

Hermione's hands hid her crimson face. Severus merely stared in vague horror as his son beamed from under purple ostrich plumes.

An Idle Question


Hermione sighed inwardly; Turia now considered herself 'too grown-up' to call her 'Mum'. The teenager stood, gazing out the window, looking very much the classic long-haired witch. Difficult to tell whether it was deliberate; at sixteen, Turia knew very well how to use her looks dramatically. "Yes, love?"

Turia still didn't turn. "Why did you marry Father?"

Startled, Hermione set down her ball-point quill. "I loved him; I still do. You know that."

"But how did you know he was The One?" Turia pursued impatiently.

Hermione felt an amused smile form. "Because he said 'yes' when I asked him."

So You Said
A Snape Never Forgets

"Well?" Malfoy demanded, standing but a few feet away. If he was at all nervous, it didn't show through the arrogance.

Turia, smiling sweetly, replied, "Fuck off, Malfoy."

He scowled. "What the hell kind of answer is that, Turia?"

Her expression darkened, with more than a hint of her father in it. "You'll call me Snape, Malfoy. Nobody gave you permission to use my name. And I should think 'fuck off' is quite clear."

"Dammit, Tur— Snape," Scorpius near-shouted, "I'm in love with you!"

"So you said. But a few years ago, you also said I was 'my parents' mistake'."

Act Your Age!

Dear Mother,

Do you know what a burden it is on us children that you are still in love with Father after fifteen years of marriage?

Any idea about walking in with our friends on you two snogging? Hearing the thumps against the wall at night? Having to hex classmates who call Father a paedo? Explaining to others that, no, he’s not our grandfather?

Why can’t you act properly, like other parents, and politely ignore each other instead of whispering and giggling at meals?

I fully expect you to pay our therapy bills when we’re older.

Your son,
Titus Granger-Snape

Events Unfold by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 7]

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