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Comfortable? by lux_astraea [Reviews - 8]

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter related. That honour goes to JKR.

A/N: Written for the grangersnape100 comm on livejournal.



“Out. Of. My. Chair.”

“It won't work, Severus,” Hermione said from her seat on the sofa. “He wants to be there. He won't move just because you tell him to.”

Severus sighed and, glancing over his shoulder at Hermione, drew out his wand.

“Severus!” Hermione said warningly. “Don't you dare...”

His shoulders dropped and, putting his wand back in his sleeve, he joined his wife on the sofa.

“Comfortable?” he asked as she put her feet in his lap.

“Just about,” she replied, her nose in a book. Biting her lip she continued, “Not as comfy as Crooks, though.”

Comfortable? by lux_astraea [Reviews - 8]

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