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Reviews for One Night in Azkaban

hisnhers2013.04.25 - 11:27AM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
How sad! My heart is breaking. So well written! Thanks.

Jong_Kahn2013.02.08 - 01:36AM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
Short but unexpectedly powerful. Nicely done.

Overhill2011.11.21 - 11:30PM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
I didn't read the list before I read the story, so I was caught at the Hazel reference--"Old Witch Hazel, she really rubs it in," which I first heard in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Then I read the list after I read the story, and it made sense then. Your story was beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

Jenniemay2011.06.29 - 06:41PM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
Tres belle

loreen772011.01.01 - 09:50AM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
well done, very interesting idea. any chance it could be expanded. it has lots of potential.

Veritas512008.08.12 - 10:37AM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
What a unique plot idea! Very well done! This could actually be expanded to a multi-chapter story very easily.

DoBop2006.09.13 - 04:03PM1: One Night in AzkabanAnonymous
Very sweet, I loved it!

silveremerald2006.09.07 - 08:32AM1: One Night in AzkabanSigned
Wow! That was wonderfully different "ride" than I admit to being used to. But I enjoyed it very much. Very atmospheric without being "too much". Thank you so much for sharing this terrific piece of work.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I just loved that challenge! :)

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