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Reviews for A Series of Unfortunate Events

Jong_Kahn2015.05.05 - 07:46PM1: Hunted ManSigned
Here's to Random again, nearly three & a half years after the previous review. Excellent tale. I would have liked it better if the word "even" had been inserted right before "knowing" in this sentence: "Looking at those words, knowing whom I had condemned, I couldn’t find in me any ounce of guilt. He should have felt at least a little twinge, seems to me. "Even knowing whom I had condemned, I couldn't find...any ounce of guilt" doesn't even appreciate the fact her life was ready-made for him to slip into.

Doomspark2011.12.30 - 07:47AM1: Hunted ManSigned
This came up on Random fics today. Excellent story - very original.

loreen772011.06.18 - 09:29AM1: Hunted ManSigned
wow, that was great!!! very unique. loved it.

Yukimor2010.02.21 - 12:27PM1: Hunted ManSigned
That... was... pure... evil.

jothar2009.08.07 - 06:23PM1: Hunted ManSigned
Oh my! You certainly play hardball! I couldn't believe that was happening until the last sentence. Well done.

Leraiv Snape2008.07.08 - 12:21PM1: Hunted ManSigned
Good piece. Nice to see a truly nasty Snape, especially since JKR knocked out all of our hoped-for niceties by making him a Lily fan-boy in DH who only protected them because of Harry. I buy this story, and have to wonder...when would anyone realize that Hermione Granger no longer existed?

courtneyun2006.04.21 - 09:05AM1: Hunted ManSigned
Umm....wow! Totally threw me for a few seconds. Wasn't expecting that. Great writing technique though. I positively love the title. Fits very well with the story. I can't wait to see what situation you put them in next!

Snape_dreamer2006.02.18 - 09:27PM1: Hunted ManSigned
now i am just stunned as heck , now thats edning and that is how he would act too if ti real life, well i will be damned, i feel sorry for heriome though but wow nice ending just..WOW..and i am also reading your other stories and very much enjoying it...again wow.

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