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Reviews for Vengeance is Sweet!

Ljpjcg2018.02.10 - 10:12PM1: Muahahhahaha!Signed
If chapter one was just a one shot I would be very satisfied indeed. So funny and clever and lemon juicy! Knowing that there are more chapters to read makes this extra exciting.

WickedMJ52016.01.13 - 07:39AM4: Reprisal!Signed
Grrr...Hermione here has no backbone. I don't even know whether such women still exist like that of Hermione, but man if they do...I wouldn't be much of an arse like Snape. I woukd treasure her for certain. As she'll be one-in-a-million. Sad to say though that there were men that has this macho attitude of not giving a daYum for what they have and take it for granted. Hayzt...life.

WickedMJ52016.01.12 - 12:59PM3: Retribution!Signed
Argh! At times, I could very well feel with Snape here... I mean, as you said before, you wanted to convey that certain times, love weakens us all. Thus, becoming emotionally involved means definitely making oneself vulnerable. So I could definitely say that I understand why Snape here doesn't want to open up entirely nor does he want to fully commit. As some women are merely innit for the thrill into having their fantasies fulfilled. Or until they had their fill and then run off to other conquests. I may be unfair on this justification, but I'm merely speaking from experience. But if I were to be the snape in this story though, I dare say that I will treasure my very own Hermione. A real decent woman like her deserves the better of me after all. Too bad that at times, we men just doesnt realize that early on however😑

hayam2014.08.07 - 12:37AM8: UnanimitySigned
I am getting more and more nauseated the more I read which means that you are painting Snape as someone with a personality disorder very well, because I recognize a lot of it. I never thought I would ever find myself in a relationship with someone having a personality disorder. It took me some time to recognize and to identify it. Their reasoning and thought process is different to "normal" peopel, they do fool EVERYONE if they want to. None of these come with a huge sign spelling "i am a psycho" attached to their chest which is why they time and again find new victims. Abuse is not solely identified by physical violence, as you can see in this story Snape does not need to apply physical violence (I don´t know later on, I am just half through this chapter) to make ones life a living hell. There is only 1 way to deal with such a person: run as fast and as far away as you can - don´t ever look back. Those people can not be changed, not be healed. Get the hell out of their presence and cut all bridges behind you. There is a very good book dealing with that issue: Marie-France Hirigoyen - Stalking the Soul / Masken der NIedertracht / El acoso moral, el maltrato psicológico en la vida cotidiana / Le Harcčlement Moral.

loreen772013.06.22 - 07:44PM15: Full CircleSigned
That was a great story. The undies that remove with his name were great. Well done!

loreen772013.06.21 - 12:36AM1: Muahahhahaha!Signed
Lol, wow severus got hood-winked....well done hermione!

Jong_Kahn2013.02.17 - 05:41PM15: Full CircleSigned
Well done! I knew once Random had kicked this up to me I had previously read it, but it had been a while. I'm glad I reread it. I can give you this extra "10" while leaving the final chapter review I had not left previously. Thank you!

PotionsGal142012.11.20 - 09:31PM7: Taking Action!Signed
This started off as a real funny story, all the conspiring and wicked fun of Rolanda (which I love that you incorporate her into your stories, she really is fun) but along the way it turned into something else. Hermione's co-dependency and his obvious personality disorder is really a drag for this tale. It almost seems like it would have been better as a seperate Angst only story.

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