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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

greysky82011.01.07 - 09:18PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Will someone tell me, please, what OOC stands for? Am I going to be embarrassed for not getting it? Thanks

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews. :) OOC means 'out of character', i.e. Severus being cheerful all the time and wearing bright colours. ;)

Clairvoyant2008.12.28 - 09:06PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Other than the fact that I'm not totally sure you know what the word 'ironically' means, I've really enjoyed your story so far. Also, you may want to limit your use of 'paradoxically' to a minimum. It's the kind of word that stands out when you use it too much in a chapter. Other than that, great job so far! Back to reading...

ElectricBloo2008.03.28 - 03:59PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Cheers for posting.

meagan2007.07.29 - 06:07PM21: Defending a HeartAnonymous
I really like this story a lot. This story makes you feel as if your in amovie theater and watching it first hand. Thanks you.

inwe2007.07.15 - 05:49PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
This is a very interesting story. It flows beautifully. I can't wait till you update next.

midwife_witch2006.07.31 - 04:06AM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Hmmm... Haven't seen much of ALL CAPS HARRY since OOTP and I can't say I've missed him. Harry does feel pretty OOC to me in this chapter, but it's your story, so do with him what you will. (Although I really hate the idea of him becoming some cold Ministry power hound as he ages, but again, it's your story.)

Piristinity2006.02.05 - 04:33PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Simply brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you...

MollysSister2005.11.26 - 09:34PM21: Defending a HeartSigned
Well Harry can just go to hell. He has a lot of nerve. At first I was willing to understand why he was lashing out. But then asking her to leave his home? and Ron the ever present shadow agreeing? Well go to hell the both of you. I hope Hermione doesnt invite them to the wedding. Jerks.

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