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Reviews for Snape's Purity Test

madie0808022015.07.17 - 10:18PM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
Thank you for the laughs. You are a gifted writer. Funny, clever, witty just a great read.

loreen772014.04.05 - 02:49PM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
Reminds me of taking similar tests as a teenager, great memories. Snape's answers were fun.

Alexa19932012.04.14 - 08:19PM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned

beaweasley22009.12.05 - 12:53PM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
mirror and knickers aside, I really loved Severus' answers! Bravi

Melianda2009.05.18 - 04:46AM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
Hej there. I just stumbled across this little story because I couldn`t sleep. And when I read it I had to actually bite down on my pillow to not giggle and laugh out so loud, that my flatemate wakes up. thx so much.

SylvaniaSnape2009.01.19 - 11:09PM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
oddly enough Sverus and I had the same score//// wonderful story

imabitch_imalover2008.04.07 - 12:07AM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
The question "double if over 50" is pointless cos all you can do is tick the "yes, over 35 (double if over fifty)" or not tick it...they should have two questions...over 35 and over 50... He was over 50 lol...and if I have my way my purity mark is going to be a lot lower than 85% this time next month...lol... Anyway I loved this story, funny as hell...

TheGreatOracle2008.02.27 - 06:24AM1: Snape's Purity TestSigned
Bravo! I almost died laughing! :p

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