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Reviews for Autumn Words

inthedesk2012.06.09 - 02:58PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
Absolutely, totally wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

deedeebug952012.04.18 - 11:05PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
Very well written and I hope that you have written more. Sometimes Random fics. gives up the best!!

Jong_Kahn2011.01.25 - 02:52PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
Nice set of monologues. Thank you for such a good piece of work.

LIlly Willow2008.01.09 - 06:51PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
Wow. I don't know what to say... Good job

cee2lee22007.09.16 - 11:22PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
What a gift the random fic option is here....I would never likely have found your story without it. I'm a happy-ending sort of reader, but I'm also a good-writing sort of reader, and this is good writing. I have a lump in my throat from holding back tears.

kimba65652006.06.12 - 08:17PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
Aww. Your story made me so happy. I can really see the battle going that way. Thank you so much for this beautiful little fic. Great job, and keep writing.

StormySkize2005.12.23 - 07:29PM4: Cloudy Day's EndSigned
What a sad, tragic, wonderful story. I cried all the way through it. You have the ability to draw emotions from people. Thank you for sharing.

Josephine2005.11.18 - 01:55AM4: Cloudy Day's EndAnonymous
AngelQueen, What a moving and oh so touching sad tragic story indeed. My Mom used to say that as long as one is alive, there's always a chance of another meeting. But when one has died, there is no more chance and the gap just gets bigger with time and as life goes on. Poor Severus, one day he will be forgotten, like other dead men before him. Still, what a wonderful piece of writing!! Thanks.

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