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Reviews for Autumn Words

Bambu2004.12.23 - 05:11PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
You wrung the emotion out of that scene beautifully, it's just heartbreaking. Such a tragedy that of the Trio, the one who's heart's prayer wasn't answered is Hermione. I particularly liked her frantic 'I do not find this at all amusing!' It's such a telling phrase.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Bambu. I'm glad you liked Hermione's exclamation of mounting panic. I was a little unsure about the line, so to see that you like it is wonderful for me! Happy holidays and thank you for reviewing! :)

Armor2004.12.23 - 03:28AM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
It's so sad. There's no hope here... But I'm not disappointed because your story is so beautiful. Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, Armor. I'm afraid you're right, however. There is no hope for our dear couple here. But she holds him in her heart, and he'll never be forgotten by her... nor by the Potters, considering the name for one of the boys. ;) Thank you for reviewing!

greenwood2004.12.22 - 11:40PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
Beautifuly written..If this is not the end (I can only hope it is not) please keep going.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, greenwood! This is definitely not the end! I'm not sure how much longer it will go on, but there will be at least one more chapter, perhaps two. It really depends on how everything is balanced out. Thanks for reviewing!

QueneArual2004.12.22 - 11:07PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned

Author's Response: Truer words have never been spoken, my dear. Thank you for your review! :)

droxy2004.12.22 - 09:18PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
Nicely written death scene. So sad, not even kissed.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, droxy. I did feel rather miserable when I'd finished this chapter, for being so cruel. Thanks for your review!

fresh82004.12.22 - 09:00PM3: What Has Come BeforeAnonymous

Author's Response: Thank you for responding, fresh8.

June W2004.12.22 - 08:59PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
PS - now that I know that Severus died saving Potter's life, why DID Harry object in last chapter to his wife wanting to name their youngest son after Severus?

Author's Response: *smirks* In my mind, I think it was more of a reflex than anything. Severus has saved Harry's life many times in the books, and yet Harry is still rather quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to him. Notice, though, it doesn't take much to shut him up. Two glares from his wife and his best friend is enough. If he were truly against the name, I doubt Harry would have let that stop him. A very good question, June! I love it when the readers question me! ;) Thanks for reviewing!

June W2004.12.22 - 08:57PM3: What Has Come BeforeSigned
Augh, how heart-breaking! Groan...and of course she doesn't have a Time-Turner or anything. Ohhhhh, this is a four-hanky chapter, and there's another chapter coming!

Author's Response: *smiles sadly* No, I am afraid there is no quick fix through time travel. What is done, cannot be undone. I will say, writing Severus' death was extremely hard for me. I don't usually write character death stories. :( I don't like killing them off. I'm rather a fan of fluffy happily-ever-after stuff. Thank you for reviewing, June!

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