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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 06:03PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
Dun dun dunnnn

Marianne2009.07.09 - 08:38AM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
Harry is quite a prat isn't he, thinking he can order Hermione around.

ElectricBloo2008.03.28 - 02:20PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
Cheers for posting.

GeriPixie2006.07.31 - 09:56PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
A Snape under the tree, hey! Wow, he could be the black coal, or the sugar cane.....did I say that out loud??? Hmmmm, lovely grape of a chapter! Geri

snape and hermonie freak2006.06.10 - 09:32PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
what did hermione mean when she said to severus, ' mabey the water too has fears at times of being totally consumed.' ? adpkampf@msn.com

morkaleb19852005.02.17 - 03:13PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
Wonderful story. There is a McKinley feel to it at times that is awesome. Just one thing..... Isn't Hedwig a female owl?

ook2005.02.11 - 12:22PM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
It's not next month now, it's the month after. Please can we have some more?

Crashley2005.02.07 - 12:37AM20: Of Fruit and FlowersSigned
Please please Please come back and update soon... What a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see Hermione rip into them! I love your story!!!

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