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Reviews for butterfly wings

Kittens2016.09.18 - 10:42AM1: butterfly wingsSigned
Whoa! One of the best balanced pieces you have put out.

Pansycat2012.04.05 - 11:50PM1: butterfly wingsSigned
Great story! I am curious about one thing: What is it that Dumbledore did or didn't do that caused this to happen ?

rose_of_sharron2010.12.02 - 09:57AM1: butterfly wingsSigned
Sometimes, hope is the only game left in town.

kit_kat2007.10.05 - 04:17PM1: butterfly wingsAnonymous
It captured me. I have not yet read anything like it, you are good. My tears were flowing at the end. And I hope that if you rewrite it you will make it a happy ending.

EternallyTwisted2006.05.13 - 01:42AM1: butterfly wingsSigned
Very powerful...her helplessness and determination just jump off the screen and ensnare my hearty...this situation would easily be one of the hardest pills to swallow. A brilliant, vibrante *in his own way* man reduced to nothing but still alive and all but forgotten by those that claimed to care for him...such a harsh reality that unfortuneately has occurred. I wish hope could triumph in this case and that the people that refused to help feel the utter shame of what they have done. Very well written, I believe I was sufficiently moved

Guinnevere2006.01.08 - 01:35PM1: butterfly wingsSigned
If anyone can bring him back from wherever it is that he's gone, that person would be Hermione. I can see her, haunting all the major libraries across North America, searching for info on post-traumatic stress disorder. ('Cause that's what it sounds like to me...) Or anything else she can think of, and we all know how bright, resourceful and determined she is. Good fic.

Bunny Watson2005.05.13 - 03:23PM1: butterfly wingsAnonymous
I do not ask for a continuation, as you have said there won't be one, but I want to officially lodge a protest at your decision. But it's your decision, after all.

Excellent work, Ladymage. I think Hermione is very in character here, especially her last-ditch effort to bring her love to life again. I've never seen a fic where he's been so broken before, and it's quite heart-rending.

Wolf Moonshadow2004.12.19 - 08:04PM1: butterfly wingsSigned
This is a well written little fic. You manage to convey Hermioneís feelings of betrayal and despair wonderfully, and yet hope is ever present. I like the uncertainty of the ending, and donít see how changes or a follow up would necessarily improve it.

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