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Reviews for Who Do You Want?

Brooklynhills972018.02.23 - 01:28AM10: "Two Little Words"Signed

Kittens2016.09.10 - 12:06PM2: "Just The Two Of Us"Signed
I trawled for smut, though I enjoy your writing for a variety of reasons. But this chapter was so wrenching. In a good way. It was practically therapeutic.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

loreen772015.05.17 - 10:53AM10: "Two Little Words"Signed
Two words....Great job! But seriously that was a fun read. Loved it.

loreen772015.05.17 - 09:41AM8: "The Torture of Pleasure"Signed
Yummy yummmy lemons.......well done.

loreen772015.05.17 - 09:21AM7: "Today's Menu: Sex, Wine, and Fantasy #7"Signed
I love early fics on AW.it is so fun to see were everyone took their stories before the final books published. I know you keep apologizing for cliches, but in my mind tere is nothing to apologize for. I have having a lot if fun reading this. Great job.

loreen772015.05.16 - 09:56PM3: "Fun But Very Messy "Signed
Love is. Yup sex is messy but fun. Clock showing hine...travel....home, that is so sweet. I think the story is fun!

loreen772014.04.06 - 12:11PM1: "One Is The Loneliest Number"Signed
Nice start, i liked his reaction to her question.

joan_glover2013.04.03 - 07:10PM2: "Just The Two Of Us"Signed
This chapter is the most beautiful love making I've ever read. This is too full of a range of feelings ever to fit into the tiny box called "smut." Thank you so much.

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