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Reviews for Severus’ Betrayal

Lucretia1232012.06.05 - 01:17AM1: OneSigned
Such a sad, sad story, but well written. Thanks for sharing!

Pookah2009.08.17 - 01:36PM1: OneSigned
I think the ending you have given Severus is more liley than the fluffy happily-ever-after ones that many of us love to read. (guilty myself) I could see this happening. A girl so young does not always know her own mind and will break a few hearts, and Snape is such a miserable person, I could see him ending that way. interesting tale, thanks for sharing it.

OnlyAtNight2007.11.09 - 12:02AM1: OneSigned
MEN - isn't it typical.

dracoslittlesecret2006.03.08 - 09:28PM1: OneSigned
so sad git! I love it though. Get those plot bunnies a working again and give us more to read. ;)

Guinnevere2006.01.08 - 05:46PM1: OneSigned
I'm glad you told this story as you did: straightforwardly and with no drama or dialogue. It hurts enough as it is. And it's exactly what I think might happen if Hermione were shallow and irresponsible enough to dally between them this way. Severus doesn't have much in his life, and it would make him homicidal/suicidal if he became involved with her only to be discarded for the handsomer, younger, richer, society-darling Harry Potter. Oh, yes, lest we forget: Harry Potter the son of, spit and image of, James Potter: the late ring-leader of the Marauders, who took such great joy in tormenting Severus during their adolescence. Great Zot, what a horrible scenario. Well done, though.

SlytherinSexGod2005.06.21 - 12:11PM1: OneSigned

Moepi2005.06.14 - 06:16PM1: OneSigned
It might be something Severus would do, if he would be so severly wounded by somebody he loves. He is very in character. But I can't see Hermione to do this. I really would like to kick her arse for being such an utter fool. Though it is a behaviour that is realistic too. I might be a romantic twit but I hate betrayal, and I can understand Severus. Cheers Moepi AKA Michèle

KarlaMarie2005.04.09 - 07:32AM1: OneSigned
WOW that was unexpected...

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