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Reviews for Ferveo Vestis!

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 05:23PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
BRILLIANT STORY!!!!!!!!!!! TOP MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 05:15PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
or something??

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 05:15PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
is this the end or are there more chapters to come?? a sequal?? maybe a revenge on who sent the spell??

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 05:11PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
heheh why isnt the spell affecting hermione and yet affecting severus and does harry and ron and draco know of her attraction to severus?? and why does severus stare at hermione while in detentions?? and does harry and ron and draco know of his attraction to hermione??

xxkattiaxx2013.01.09 - 02:03AM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
"Dropping to her knees with all the grace of a five-dollar prostitute"- favorite line...still laughing -dgm

boozychugaton2012.05.04 - 10:42PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
OMG! That was one the funniest things I have ever read. I laughed so hard I drew attention to myself in class lol. Great job!

kci472012.03.12 - 01:21PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed
Haha, a detention for staring at him and then one for not meeting his eyes. Hilarious!

Alexa19932012.01.03 - 06:52PM1: Ferveo Vestis!Signed

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