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Reviews for Two As One

Lucretia1232012.03.15 - 06:02PM1: Two As OneSigned
Loved it! Thank you for sharing!

ebony2005.07.08 - 04:31PM1: Two As OneAnonymous

Bambu2005.05.12 - 04:05PM1: Two As OneSigned
AQ, how did I ever miss this? Interesting parallel structure you've created, and you know I am quite ignorant where poetry is concerned. I quite like the breadth of the poem, and I actually loved the first line of your last stanza.

bubsangel2004.12.21 - 04:11PM1: Two As OneSigned
I really like this. It is rather elegant. I love the words you used in describing them, it preety much summed up this whole ship. Bubs

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments, bubsangel! I'm glad you liked my little poetic tribute to our dear couple!

droxy2004.11.21 - 11:23AM1: Two As OneAnonymous
I have no idea how to review poetry but I liked the sentiment in it.

Author's Response: I'm delighted you took the time to speak up anyway, droxy! Thank you very much! :)

JoAnNe NiCoLLeTe2004.11.21 - 12:54AM1: Two As OneSigned
Beautiful! Great usage of words! I loved the line "He is the penitent who seeks redemption". Also, I like the word "ballast"... Interesting way of describing Severus, eh? Never pictured Hermione to be one with her head in the clouds, always thought of her as a very practical girl, but it DOES emphasize their difference. I think you have put it all together quite nicely. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Joan! :) The "penitent" line is one of my favorites as well. I think it describes our dear Severus so well. And as for describing him as a "ballast," well, sometimes I think Hermione, in her overwhelming desire to learn, sometimes gets carried away. She needs someone to bring her back to earth and make her slow down. Granted, he's an unpleasant "ballast" sometimes... *grins* I'm glad you enjoyed my attempt to explain these two! :D

Enigma2004.11.21 - 12:23AM1: Two As OneAnonymous
That was very sweet! Sweet enough to satisfy my sugar craving.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed my little piece, Enigma. I was rather sleep-deprived when I wrote it, and I tend to lean towards sugary words when I'm in that state. ;) Thank you for reading!

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