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Reviews for Passionate Potions

loreen772014.04.06 - 11:27AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
You twisted crazy author! That was hilarious!

darklotus2010.10.27 - 02:22PM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
OH! .....(wheeze, chuckle).... MY....... (muttley snigger, hiccup)........ GOD!...... (clutching sides as stitches from laughing so hard attack again)...... That was one of the funniest things I've ever read! I'd love to quote some of my faves from this, but I'd end up posting the whole thing here in my review! This whole thing was, literally, BREATHTAKING....I'm still gasping from laughing so hard... Thank you, thank you....and once again I say thank you!

linlawless2009.12.06 - 04:06PM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
utterly and absolutely hilarious! great job!

Half Blood Outcast2009.04.22 - 01:21AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
oh. my. god. that was bloody hilarious! when Severus said "man juice" i nearly wet myself. . . Oh, you're hilarious. Wonderful Job.

Aviendha2009.01.19 - 11:24AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
This was just great! It made me laugh til I was crying.

AmyLouise2007.11.15 - 09:01AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
That was very funny - but "thewy"?

SataiDelenn2007.11.01 - 01:21AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
OMFGs!!!!!! That, was absolutely, freaking hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!

Loved it!

Talietha2007.04.11 - 06:16AM1: An Ode to 'Passionate Trousers'Signed
oh me, oh my, oh dear! chuckle!! - the leather trousers of sexy evil, although all the food clichés are making me hungry, but "volleyball"!?!

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