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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

Jong_Kahn2018.01.25 - 01:49AM19: Sunshine after Storms?Signed
I'd neglected to mention in my previous review a couple chapters back how much I enjoyed Severus-as-crow wanting to do a courtship display and let her know he could build a good nest!

Author's Response: Thanks for that, it was fun to write. :)

ElectricBloo2008.03.27 - 08:10PM19: Sunshine after Storms?Signed
Cheers for posting.

Piristinity2006.02.05 - 02:00PM19: Sunshine after Storms?Signed
I loved that few-syllabic "fight" in the library.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Alexandra Root2004.11.18 - 02:45AM19: Sunshine after Storms?Anonymous
Very uniqe story, I love it! Please continue writing, its such a fav pastime of mine to read great story's like your's.

Ladyofthemasque2004.11.04 - 06:19AM19: Sunshine after Storms?Anonymous
More more more more more!!! (Translation: Write More Of This Story!!) ~Lotm

Rubyfey2004.10.28 - 12:14AM19: Sunshine after Storms?Anonymous
Pretty pretty pretty please please please more more more----another update soon??? LOVE this story!!!

ShadowVixen2004.10.19 - 10:42PM19: Sunshine after Storms?Signed
dude i give this a 9 outta 10! i love the way that Snape reacts. He's just so..............Snapey. Sexy, and snarky, and sarcastic, and he has this melodic voice. If i can't

Le Rouret2004.10.11 - 05:15PM19: Sunshine after Storms?Anonymous
I have really enjoyed your work, and so far this is my favorite story that you've written. Please post soon!

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