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Reviews for Walls of Jericho

Venomequeen2017.02.10 - 03:22AM6: A New ConnectionSigned

Midnight witch2015.08.15 - 10:24PM6: A New ConnectionSigned
This story is funny! Please keep writing and update again soon!

Jensteed2015.05.01 - 10:44AM6: A New ConnectionSigned
Damn! I didn't even notice that this wasn't completedirectory :( it's a very good story and it's such a pity it's been left.

Jensteed2015.05.01 - 08:53AM1: The AccidentSigned
Oh bugger, indeed! Looking forward to how everyone copes, hehehe ;)

jeanjeanvaljean2014.11.11 - 12:01AM3: Getting SettledSigned
I really love this story ... updated or not, it's great even just for the first six chapters - love how you can keep both Snape and Hermione in character!

StormDragonfly2014.09.13 - 02:42AM6: A New ConnectionSigned
Oh NO. I can't believe I didn't notice this fic was abandoned before I started. What a bummer! I was entirely invested. I'd plead for you to update, but I know as well as anyone that inspiration isn't always there when we want it. Is there any hope for Harry and Ron? Their words were extremely hurtful. How much longer before Snape and Hermione begin to realize there's something more there? Is my guess that the bonded people need to be in the same exact position as they were when initially hit gonna prove accurate? if so, will Hermione's lips brushing against his neck trigger anything? And how interesting that he made note of that on the first place. I don't think Hermione did. Fun story, wish there was more to read.

asprickman2012.11.13 - 08:19PM6: A New ConnectionSigned
Damn, damn, damn, such a brilliant story - if only I'd realised it was unfinished before I started - darn, damn and blast it - I still get caught out!! I am, as you may have guessed, hoping that you will complete this little gem; or at least post chapter 7, even unfinished would be fine!! Please? :)

Derelict Author2012.06.05 - 01:44PM6: A New ConnectionSigned
I'm rather disappointed to see your response to a (somewhat) recent review. I wish you would get the spark for this story again! Even though it's been updated over a period of seven years, I still get goosebumps coming across it. In this case, I stumbled over to Digital Quill and saw it as "Recently Updated" and rejoiced... only to realize only one story's been published in 2012 there ;) Anyway, despite my rambling... your story has beautiful characterizations, beautiful sexual tension, and super solid writing. I hear you have that seventh chapter somewhere... any chance we'll see some consummation if you plan on abandoning this story?

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