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Reviews for A Bird's Eye View

katielady82012.03.25 - 09:37PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
Wonderful! So elegantly and beautifully written!

Half_Blood_Princess_Farah2012.03.05 - 10:26AM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned

loreen772010.10.02 - 12:13PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
Wow, that was just amazing. (sob, sniffle) Thank you for posting.

Jong_Kahn2010.08.31 - 01:47PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
I favorited this as soon as I finished reading it. Now I can tell you how much I enjoyed this story: completely! It's unusual to have a story told entirely in second person, and so well, besides. And though you wrote it six years ago, before all the folderol of the last three books, it's quite satisfying, for all that. I much prefer its simplicity--and happiness--to the losses of Sirius, Albus, Hedwig and the rest, and all the horcrux-hunting, being on-the-run and sheer misery of the last books. Not to mention the loss of Severus himself! So I love your little story, and am quite glad to hold to it as something warm and charming that Severus deserved (instead of the total lack of happiness he got from Rowling). Thank you.

Mafer_Potter2010.01.18 - 12:07PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
Such a beautiful story, enough to make me smile on a sad day. Thank you for this. :-)

MissLuppi2009.10.04 - 10:17PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
What a lovely story! I really enjoyed reading it! :)

MissLuppi2009.10.04 - 10:16PM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
What a lovely story! I really enjoyed reading it! :)

Maria2009.09.11 - 12:57AM1: A Bird's Eye ViewSigned
This was lovely to read! :)

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