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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

L_Daemon_072011.10.25 - 03:36PM17: Time ApartSigned
"There was also the alarming urge to try and prove to her that he could build a nest…" I lol'd at that! awesome line! I'm really enjoying this fic, i was a bit peeved at how he left her at the restaurant and I'm glad he apologized. I think they're really sweet together. good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review. :)

ElectricBloo2008.03.27 - 07:03PM17: Time ApartSigned
Cheers for posting.

Prof M McGonagall2007.11.17 - 09:49PM17: Time ApartSigned
I loved the gentle way you ended this chapter.

journeymom2006.05.31 - 01:43AM17: Time ApartSigned
"as if it was beneath me to be in the same room as Hermione" In context I think you mean" as if it was beneath Hermione to be in the same room as me" ? This is thoroughly enjoyable.

MollysSister2005.11.20 - 11:16PM17: Time ApartSigned
Servus Crow's alarming need to show Hermoine that he could built a nest? snort. you have me laughing out loud! I love their tender buding romance. I am curious about when she will tell him how she flashed forward in time. A lovely tale you are begining here! write on!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Shella LaRoche2005.04.27 - 04:39AM17: Time ApartSigned
Oh my...! Crow Severus nearly falling from a branch - now you are to blame for my belly-ache I got from laughing too hard. Please finish this story quickly. I must say that I grow more fond of your writing with every story I read.

kissofcuteness2004.11.15 - 09:12PM17: Time ApartAnonymous
Really really good story. Sorry I didn't review as I went along. I like the character development you show and how Severus' and Hermione's relationship is developing. I also liked your portrayal of Harry (I don't really like him). Can't wait for another chpater.

Harriette2004.08.23 - 10:09PM17: Time ApartAnonymous
I REALLY enjoyed reading your story!! Actually, I was up til 5 AM reading it; I couldn't stop until I'd read ALL the chapters!! You must be SOME WRITER to be able to get Harry Potter's greatest fan to dislike him as you have written him in this story!! The more I read the Harry Potter books, the more sympathetic a character Snape becomes; it is very interesting to see that someone has taken that and developed it further. It certainly will be interesting to see if JKR follows the path you are leading us on. Congratulations!! I will be looking forward to reading more from you.

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