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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

Jong_Kahn2018.01.25 - 12:51AM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
Damn you, Remus--mind your own business! Good chapter. You're keeping everyone believably in character.

Author's Response: Remus thought he knew best, yes. Thanks for reviewing.

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 04:45AM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
Ah! Their first date <3

verasuspense2009.07.11 - 02:11AM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
I can just imagine Dumbledore on a surfboard. He'd be wering a red and gold striped bathing suit, with a top :-D

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 10:31PM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
Cheers for posting.

Rosie2005.11.30 - 06:56PM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
To her surprise he looked at her keenly and a small, satisfied smile was on his sallow face. “Before I went on holiday, the Headmaster inferred that he would give me the chance to take on the position on my return,” he said.
Dumbledore implied, it was Severus who inferred.

triskell2004.06.19 - 09:22AM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
it's a wonderful story ! update please !

kat14412004.06.07 - 05:55PM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
Great story! Luna the psychic and ANNOYING Remus... now if there was only another chapter... it would be perfect!

devsgma2004.05.30 - 04:09PM16: Revelations & InterruptionsSigned
Also meant to say "CONGRADULATIONS ON MAKING THE FEATURED STORIES LIST!!" Now, if I beg and plead nicely may we have an update?

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