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Reviews for Don't Take the Girl

Lovely032013.04.22 - 10:35AM1: Chapter OneSigned
I've actually loved this song since I was a little girl...great fic!!!

Ophelia822007.12.20 - 01:10PM1: Chapter OneSigned
I am admittedly not a fan of country music but I love this song and you definitely did it justice in this fic. The only part missing is where Severus tracks down the thief from the second scene and flays him alive using all the nasty hexes as a Death Eater. =) Well done.

Rae79108192007.05.19 - 09:54PM1: Chapter OneSigned
*sniffles* That song always makes me cry... I like how you tied it to Hermione and Severus.

salena snape2005.05.19 - 03:53PM1: Chapter OneAnonymous
I love that song, and I thought you did well with it. Very heart-breaking.

Grae Black2004.08.07 - 08:16PM1: Chapter OneAnonymous
This was so sad! I can't believe that Hermione died..but that is how the song goes...This was really good..

Faith2004.07.13 - 02:31PM1: Chapter OneAnonymous
Thank you SO MUCH for making me cry... it was an awesome fic! I loved it so much!

Seraphyne Snape2004.06.28 - 03:41PM1: Chapter OneAnonymous
*Tear* Merlin, Don't take the girl *Tear* WOW!!! I loved it! There is nothing else to say, I loved it!!!

Potions Mistresss2004.04.16 - 12:36AM1: Chapter OneSigned
I haven't cried reading a fanfic in a while. But as I read the last lines of this, one tear escaped. This could be blamed on the fact that my whole life is about to change (I'm about to graduate), or I could blame it on your story. Right now, I'm going for the latter of the two. Good story, but I disagree with the ending. She should live, because even in the song, it seems that the couple has been through too much to put him through the loss of one so dear to him. Mya? I've never heard anyone use that as Hermione's nickname. Great story though!!!!

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