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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 03:25AM14: That Which MattersSigned
Aww finally

greysky82011.01.07 - 01:44PM14: That Which MattersSigned
I'm so glad that they both had the guts to say what they felt. Can you imagine how much happier we'd probably all be in real life if we were able to get over our fear and take the CHANCE.....

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review. :)

alaksandra2010.11.22 - 09:47PM14: That Which MattersSigned
So far this has been a very enchanting read. I have that warm, fuzzy feeling when I find a treasure of a story!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review. :)

Ember Felin2008.05.23 - 09:40PM14: That Which MattersSigned
*sniggers* I love that, "Do it again..." Sounds like something a kid would say, definitely not something Severus would say. Which, of course, makes it all the more funny.

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 09:22PM14: That Which MattersSigned
Cheers for posting.

Prof M McGonagall2007.11.17 - 09:08PM14: That Which MattersSigned
What a sweet chapter. I'm enjoying this story for the first time. I really like how the characters are developing--not too fast like in some fics.

skyedancer2006.09.25 - 04:22PM14: That Which MattersSigned
awwww...how could no one have review this...? sweet and just a touch of snarky. wonderful image of Mr Weasley and Snape( oww.. sorry Hermione..Professor Snape) and the pen...lol....

midwife_witch2006.07.31 - 02:15AM14: That Which MattersSigned
Oh, I don't know - that speech ranks right up there with Mr. Darcy, at least (which, coming from an Austen lover like me, is high praise indeed). It teeters right on the edge of being too OOC, but in the end, it works. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks, that's very kind of you to say that *smiles*.

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