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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

inthedesk2018.08.26 - 08:52PM18: HermioneSigned
Wow. Just wow. That was intelligent, inspiring, articulate a d brilliant. I'm truly impressed.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I still owe you all one epilogue. I'll post it this week-end.

Moyra2018.05.31 - 07:29AM18: HermioneSigned
Thank you for two wonderful long chaps. I highly appreciate the indepth pondering and becoming aware of Severus and also their oh so awkward but very precise discussion of the workings of their characters each in this chap here. A bunch of kudos to you!

Author's Response: Hello Moyra! Thank you so much for your kind review! I'm glad to hear that you liked their discussion and the analysis of their characters. I'm surprised to find that most people are okay with where I took this. There was more controvery and concern on other sites. :)

loreen772018.05.31 - 06:14AM18: HermioneSigned
This was a wonderful chapter! I loved the epiphany he had, and how he explained it to her. I feel like his epiphany was extremely accurate for many people. And it meshes with both characters beautifully. I got the impression you were concerned readers may not agree with the epiphany. But I feel like those ideas are at the base of many of the Hermione and Severus fan fiction stories. It is not often the characters underlying motives and desires are discussed so plainly within the story, but it fits perfectly here. She is so young and likely has not realized the origin of some of her desires. Great job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Hello, Loreen! Your comment makes me really happy. Yes, I was a bit concerned about people's reaction - I posted the story on other websites before, and not everyone appreciated where I took this. But I fully agree with you - the underlying motives, the traumas and the character traits of both characters really lead to this - it makes sense for them 'to be wired' this way. I won't explore this too deeply, though, so I hope people who don't agree won't feel uncomfortable. Just two more chapters till graduation. On with it! Thanks for being such a faithfull reader and reviewer!

bubbles282018.05.30 - 03:44PM18: HermioneSigned
I feel that this chapter exemplifies a positive discussion in how personal psychological foibles or traumas or coping mechanisms shape our reactions at times and the ways in which we relate to others. Intimate relationships are mirrors, and I'm honestly grateful that you've modeled two people being able to work through their sh*t in a pretty healthy way. I think it's valuable for young folks and folks working on similar issues. So *applause*

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Bubbles, for leaving a comment and for your insight! I think if we all had more self-awareness and were able to analyse our own feelings and coping mechanisms for many things, the world would be a better place and there'd be far less conflicts. Unfortunately, it's often hard to tell why we feel and react in a certain way. We simply do, causing misunderstandings and often hurting other in the process. I don't like this in stories - maybe it's my desire for things to be different - simpler and easy to solve with just a good and honest talk. A pity life's not really that way. :)

Ghislaine2018.05.29 - 12:16AM18: HermioneSigned
This was well worth the wait. I was especially taken with your explanation that Hermione had been forced into a leadership role, when that went against both her wishes and her natural inclination. And poor Severus, born to lead, was subservient to two masters. I am enjoying their slow but steady progress toward becoming a couple. They both deserve happiness.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the chapter. I'm not sure if I'd claim that Severus was born to lead... Maybe his desire to make is own decisions and not be suvervient to anybody was born exactly out of the situation he found himself in for far too long. In a way, we humans always react like that: We long for what we don't have, as it always seems more precious than what comes easy to us and what we have in abundance. But I can imagine that Severus needed to define a few areas in his life where his authority and his decision-making went unchallenged - in his classroom, for instance, and (at least according to my interpretation in this story) in the bedroom. For Hermione, it's more difficult do draw a hard line. I believe it's of utmost importance to her that a situation is under control - not necessarily under hers. A capable person whom she can trust is sometimes the preferable option, because only then she can feel safe AND relaxed. Actually, I have that with driving. I'm rather a co-passenger with my husband than driving myself. :) Anyway, just two more chapters until graduation, when they are finally allowed to get together. Hope you enjoy the, too. Thanks for your review!

Mikimoto2018.05.27 - 10:22AM18: HermioneSigned
Interesting exploration of what makes these two characters tick. They sound a bit co-dependent but I think you show their relationship is greater than co-dependence. They seem to view one another as more than just a missing piece to complete them but also as a means through which the other can grow and become more. I especially liked your discussion of Hermione's creativity -- or lack thereof. I have always seen Hermione as chiefly a problem solver -- to the point that she attempts to solve every problem she encounters, even those that are not hers to solve. She typically pulls out some piece of esoteric knowledge from some random obscure text. Does that show creativity? In a way, I think it does. She MacGyvers a solution from disparate sources rather than come up with something completely original. I really enjoy your imagination. I am looking forward to where you take this story.

Author's Response: I'm aware that this chapter is a bit controversial and not everyone's cup of tea. In the German translation, most readers liked where I took their relationship, others were put off and worried about dependency and an imbalance of power. You call it co-dependency, which at least doesn't have this imbalance. I thought of it rather as 'completing each other'. I do believe Hermione is / can be incredibly creative - she has proven so in many situation, where her creativity was needed. She definitely is a problem solver, she just prefers to do it in a very methodical way and likes to secure every decision by researching thoroughly beforehand, by consulting references and cross-references and - if possible - by sticking to a tried and acknowledged method. Her creativity was hampered by her reluctance to experiment and her fear of failure. So once she has gained a little more self-confidence and accepts that failing and making mistakes is utterly human, I'm sure she'll be able to be creative not only in the MacGyver way (I have a guess what you mean by that, though I'm not familiar with the expression), but by being truly original as well. She's just too intelligent to merely keep trusting books (the result of other peoples' thought processes) in the long run. :)

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