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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

emcnary2018.04.22 - 01:19AM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I'm so dreadfully behind! This was sweet--I love that she wanted his scent back on the robe.

loreen772018.04.15 - 05:22PM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
First. I loved this chapter. Probably the best yet. Your writing has me so emotionally enthralled. I love it. Second. While English ya not your first language, please donít doubt your writing ability. If you did not point out your native language, then I would have assumed it was English. Your writing is superb and so detailed. I really enjoy it. Yes, occasionally your sentence structure or word choice is a little atypical, but that is a good thing. Third. I so excited that you are being bitten by so many spinoff plot bunnies. I look forward to reading these stories as well.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, Loreen, that means really a lot to me! I have no chance to judge myself with regard to my writing. My beta is careful only to correct things that are plain wrong or will be misunderstood. She hardly ever suggests different expressions or sentence structures, probably because she's terribly polite and doesn't want to hurt me. But every time I go back over a chapter, I find things that make me think 'oh, but there's a better way to say this!' and I start editing again. It's a curse, really. That way, no story will ever be completely finished!. But then, I do that with the German translation, too. I guess I'm a perfectionist. :)

Jong_Kahn2018.04.12 - 12:34AM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I have to compliment all the thought you have obviously given the matter of Severus calling on both Aberforth and Dobby to save the Golden Trio. It fits into JKR's original story perfectly, and makes dramatic and emotional sense. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! If you're interested in finding logical answers for some of these background inconsistencies, I hope you will enjoy the companion piece I'll publish as soon as this story is finished. It's mostly about all the events before, in and after the night James and Lily died and the theories I have on what really happened. And Severus was right in the middle of it all. :)

Mikimoto2018.04.11 - 02:18PM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I was thinking about your story and your comment about your use of English is maybe not typical. In the story, you use the term "yesterday night" instead of the more common "last night." "Yesterday" is over; it is done and gone. You can't live there (anymore than you can live in tomorrow). You can only live in the "now." Yet when Hermione dreams, "yesterday" tells her "I am the now and you must live this torture." And she is stuck with yesterday masquerading as now. But with this particular nightmare, she is able to walk away from the masquerade to what really is her now -- spending time with Severus who makes her feel safe and secure. She was able to leave yesterday in yesterday. My point is that I applaud your word choice. It may not be typical English but it is far more evocative of the situation.

Author's Response: I would gladly accept the compliment, but if I did, I'd feel like a fraud. The simple truth is that I was totally unaware of this distinction. In German, we use 'last night' or 'yesterday night', it doesn't make a difference. To be totally honest, the deeper meaning you suspect behind my word choice is pure coincidence. Usually, my dear beta points out such weird word choices to me, but since I can't ever go over a chapter without adding or changing something, there are sentences in there that have never been beta-ed. I'm happy that at least in this case, my error was 'a good one' , so to speak. :)

Mikimoto2018.04.10 - 04:58PM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
Wow. In your author's note it sounds like the plot bunnies have really been biting you. It is great to hear your imagination is all fired up. I really like this chapter. Your description of the nightmare is excellent -- exactly how it feels in a nightmare. I also like how you show the Struggle of Severus trying to keep things friendly/professional when he knows he wants more and can't have it. But soon the year will end and all bets are off! Thanks so much for sharing.

Author's Response: Yes, they really did, and I enjoy being bitten so much! Too bad that real life sometimes gets in the way and I can't spend all my hours writing. :) Before the year ends, we'll get to see a lot more intimacy, though not quite the physical kind... Severus will be in for a wild ride, emotionwise, in the chapters to come. Hope you'll enjoy them, too! Thank you so much for reviewing!

kass422018.04.09 - 09:39PM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I look forward to every update!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm aiming for weekly :) But every review is fueling my willingness to edit another chapter :)

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