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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

loreen772018.04.15 - 04:45PM13: Family MattersSigned
I love the idea if this hodgepodge group being together for the holidays. I hope Harry asks and Severus accepts. Severus prince..... very interesting to see the idea of him returning to his maternal family name.

Author's Response: I liked for him to have a new name. His own is connected with too much darkness and never brought him any luck. His mother had loved him, if only while she could. I think he'd rather honour her memory than that of his father. Besides, Prince has a much nicer ring to it than Snape. As to Harry and Severus - eventually, they will have a looong talk. It's already seven chapters long at this point and almost finished. I'll publish it as a separate story once this one is fully published. Hopefully, the Christmas story will be done by December, too. :) Thanks for following and reviewing!

AkiraKurosawa2018.04.08 - 09:42AM13: Family MattersSigned
I can't stop reading this! I love it, how thoughtful and insightful it is, skirting on the edges of cannon with so much new, plausible information inserted... gah! I am not above begging so PLEASE UPDATE! KUDOS AND ALL MY LOVE! xx Akira

Author's Response: Wow - thank you for your lovely review! I'm always happy to hear when a reader tells me he loved the story. I have updated already, but it sometimes takes a couple of days for the new chapter to be 'released' by the admins of the site. Shouldn't be that much longer now. Thanks for reading!

Mikimoto2018.04.05 - 04:44PM13: Family MattersSigned
Thank you for the update. I hope Severus can mend things with his Prince family before they die. No use adding regret into the emotional soup he already has for them.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment! I can assure that by the end of the story (or rather the two epilogues) Severus will not be a lonely man anymore :)

emcnary2018.04.05 - 07:08AM13: Family MattersSigned
A lovely chapter! It was wonderful to see their conversation be so positive and more intimate. With Christmas coming, perhaps there will be a chance for even the tiniest bit of romance, hmm? Thank you for the update!

Author's Response: Actually, there never used to be a Christmas chapter in this story - I skipped it. But I have started writing one when the story was finished, and as always when I start writing 'a chapter' it ends up being an entire story of its own. So eventually, there will be a fluffy Christmas story to go with it. :) I have about six chapters (and a stand- alone story about Harry and Severus as excerpt) already. Hopefully, I'll get it finished in time for Christmas this year. But romance will be coming, anyway. Promise! Thanks for your review!

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