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Reviews for Silhouette

loreen772018.04.14 - 03:35AM12: Chapter XISigned
Bravo my dear. That was bloody brilliant! I am enthralled by your storyís and become ever so excited whenever there is a new chapter. The cricket was such a clever idea. And their interactions here were riveting to read. Slow updates are okay when they are this amazing to read.

tialangela2018.04.08 - 06:59PM12: Chapter XISigned
We'll await the updates eagerly! This one was worth the wait!

tialangela2018.04.08 - 06:59PM12: Chapter XISigned
We'll await the updates eagerly! This one was worth the wait!

Ljpjcg2018.04.07 - 07:28PM12: Chapter XISigned
This story is nothing short of amazing. Itís very complex and deep into the character study of Snape and his inner turmoil. His daily monotony, the visual of his new wardrobe, the biting sarcasm, the development of his relationshipsóitís all so wonderfully written. I find it heartbreaking that he is so vilified in Wizarding society but Iím glad you have given him some allies in Augusta, Adelaide, Hermione. I look forward to the continuation of this tale and hope your trials in life ease with time.

VelvetChocolate2018.04.02 - 03:23AM12: Chapter XISigned
So glad you updated! I really like this story, it has some of the most complex emotional hmm.. drama is the word I am going to use, but not how its usually applied. Dramatic as in story telling if you get what I mean. His emotional state and his healing provides and drives most of the story even if its off screen to the other characters. Anyway keep it up. Thanks & good luck in grad school!

Mikimoto2018.04.01 - 11:32PM12: Chapter XISigned
When I first started the story, I imagined the device to be something like "Aleksa" where it was something for Severus to talk to and it talked back. As the story progressed, I see that Adelaide is nothing like that but I started to wonder what would happen if Aleksa was like Adelaide? Probably too many people would spend too much time with her and not go out of the house! I like how Severus is starting to see improvement in his distress level. It is too easy in that situation to feel like you are never getting better. Thanks for sharing your imagination.

amber52018.04.01 - 03:34PM12: Chapter XISigned
So glad you have updated. Itís lovely!

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