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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

loreen772018.03.21 - 06:45PM11: The Prying Potion and Pureblood PrideSigned
That was a very enjoyable chapter. Their conversation was rather illuminating. I really liked your ideas for why pure bloods truly fear muggle borns. It was fascinating and very similar to ideas i have had also.

Author's Response: Thank you; Loreen - for being such a faithful reader and always leaving a comment! :)

Moyra2018.03.20 - 04:56PM11: The Prying Potion and Pureblood PrideSigned
Thanks for this oh-so-slowly growing relationship, them getting to know each other step by step - it's very enjoyable.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I guess to make this believable at all, this has to be veeeery slow going. It's just all too sudden for them to rush into anything, especially given their circumstances. Of course, it also has to do with the fact that I enjoy the relation-building aspect in a story much more than describing an actual relation (the latter has much more potential for disappointments and conflicts, or - if it's a happy relationship - for everday-life taking over.) I guess no one would enjoy reading about my (happy) relationship with my husband. Booooring! :)

Mikimoto2018.03.17 - 11:26AM11: The Prying Potion and Pureblood PrideSigned
Interesting how she is always surprising him. It makes you wonder whether he sees anyone as 3 dimensional or only as 2 dimensional.

Author's Response: I think you're doing him a bit injustice, and I have to come to the defense of my beloved Potion Master here. :) It's not so much that he sees people as 2 dimensional, but the fact that Hermione approaches many (especially emotional) subjects completely differently. He's a Slytherin to the core - careful with his words, never revealing too much, always looking for the catch and speculating on people's secret motives. Hermione is the opposite - she easily trust people and prefers to always give them the benefit of doubt. It especially suprises him when she does the same with him: Trusting him and believing the best of him. And let's be honest - it's not as if many people have offered him that before. So I think it's little surprising, if he finds it surprising. :)

emcnary2018.03.17 - 10:37AM11: The Prying Potion and Pureblood PrideSigned
What a lovely long chapter! It is very interesting to continue to delve into the phenomenon of Leg/Occ. I also very much enjoy the little glimpse into Severus' lack of self-control where physical thoughts of Hermione are concerned:). And how interesting it will be if he trusts and opens up enough to divulge some of his past--specifically his childhood.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I'm happy to let you know that the glimpse into his childhood will be coming up in the next chapter. :)

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