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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

loreen772018.03.21 - 05:08PM10: A Damp Squib and a Damp WitchSigned
It might be a common phrase in Britian. But not in the US. Our slang and that of those in the UK is not always the same. I always love learning new slang and weird turn of phrases in other countries.

Author's Response: Haha! So this was learning English from a German :D :D Actually, that might be a reason why I never heard the expression before. I'm more familiar with American English myself. And to top it all off, the story has been beta-ed by an Australian, who's doing her best to smooth out all my 'Americanizms' and make this sound British. So all in all, it's rather international, I guess :)

loreen772018.03.11 - 09:08AM10: A Damp Squib and a Damp WitchSigned
Loved the damp squib translation. I have never heard that phrase before and it was truly perfect here. Great job with walking the minefield that is Severs Snape’s feelings. I found their conversation refreshingly honest.

Author's Response: Oh, you didn't know the phrase either? If you're a native speaker, that would suggest that it's not very common, then. Severus feelings a mindfield? Yes, that's a good image! I just finished a chapter of my new story yesterday, in which he says something about "shoving it all into a chest and bogging it in one of the dark sloughs in his mind-scape', where often it "refused to stay under". So with him, you can never trespass without the danger of accidentally triggering / stepping on a buried and surpressed emotion that suddenly resurfaces and blows into your the face. I have written him a bit too sane, I guess. I think 'real life' Severus would be really difficult to deal with...

Mikimoto2018.03.09 - 08:55PM10: A Damp Squib and a Damp WitchSigned
Thank you for the update. I have been anxious to see what happens next. It is interesting that Hermione's drying spells don't produce the effect she wants. I imagine when she gets over this hard time, she'll teach herself how to get the hair she wants. Or perhaps she'll find a potion that will tame it. I think it is true that no one has a strength in every area. It keeps us humble (or it should). I like how you have Severus facing his beliefs (misbeliefs) about himself and how only perfection makes him worthwhile or worthy of love. Perhaps he will also allow himself to have areas where he is not strong and be OK with it. Thanks for sharing your imagination. Great story.

Author's Response: Hello Mikimoto! Thank you for your feedback! As to the drying spell, I go with the movie: When they jumped from the dragon into the lake, they didn't use drying spells but changed their clothes (let's just believe that Hermiones enchanted bag where they take them from is waterproof). So maybe traditional drying spells are not supposed to be used on clothing, as the produce the same effect on some materials as a hot drying machine wood. :) As to her hair problem... well, she's on good terms with a potions master.... :) Just wait and see. Severus, like all of us, certainly has weaknesses. His main weakness is that he feels he can't show them. His own emotions and needs are weaknesses in his eyes, so he tries to subdue them or ignore their existance. But that's the beauty of falling for someone... you can't keep doing that. His feelings are already leaking through, as much as he is in denial about it. He'll have to jump eventually, and I can tell you already that he will. Almost literally, in fact. :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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