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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

raj2018.04.03 - 02:34PM9: The Subtle Art of LegilimencySigned
I'm impressed with your explanation of mental magic! Very well thought out and vividly described. Great chapter!

Author's Response: It's finished. :) I just like to have at least two reviews before posting the next chapter, just so I know that there are still people reading. Thank you for yours! I'll be posting the next chapter in a minute!

Author's Response: Sorry, wrong review! Your comment should have been this: Thanky you very much for your kind word! I'm glad that you like the chapter about Legilimency and Occlumency. It's a pity we never learned much more about it in the books. But then, this gives us fanfiction writers a big sandbox to play in :)

emcnary2018.03.06 - 09:49PM9: The Subtle Art of LegilimencySigned
I like that we get just an inkling of leg/occ explanation in the book--it leaves a bit up to interpretation. I agree with your interpretation, and I also think part of the reason Voldy sends Snape to spy is because he's too arrogant to think that someone would try to pull one over on him. Good chap--they really do have an interesting dynamic! Can't wait to read more:)

Author's Response: Thank you, emcnary, for your review! I find leg/occ very interesting subjects and it's a pity they weren't explored deeper. On the other hand, that gives us hobby authors a vatst playground to play on, so I won't complain. :) Yes, Voldemort's main weakness is doubtlessly his arrogance. But again, a good thing, otherwise he might still be around. :O Enjoy reading the rest of the story!

loreen772018.03.04 - 07:20PM9: The Subtle Art of LegilimencySigned
I adore the lessons between them. I was glad he show enough comfort and trust in her to allow her into his mind, even if it was only in a controlled way. Fascinating chapter.

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