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Reviews for Time Will Follow

mt_nestor2018.02.08 - 01:24PM11: A PromiseSigned
I agree with the other reviews - Ronís intention was not echoed by Hermione, therefore no magical wash over them. Hope that Ron doesnít cause too much trouble for our pair once Hermione catches up with herself.

loreen772018.02.07 - 05:39AM11: A PromiseSigned
Magic recognized their statements of intention to each other. Thatís lovely. .

emcnary2018.02.05 - 10:51AM11: A PromiseSigned
And I forgot to mention that it seemed like they did a bit of their own magical bonding there in the end...hmm, curious:)

emcnary2018.02.05 - 10:35AM11: A PromiseSigned
Oh, I wonder how close its going to come for him completing the potion!? I love the Granger Friday night tradition--very cozy, am I'm glad they included severus.

Jong_Kahn2018.02.04 - 01:18AM11: A PromiseSigned
Aha! The "warm waves of staticky magic washing over them" must be the result of both their intentions to marry one another having been spoken aloud. As long as Hermione doesn't recall anything like that having happened when Ron tried to trick her, that should be okay, right? Right?!? ;-)

Author's Response: You may be onto something...

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