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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

inthedesk2018.03.17 - 01:36PM8: Occlumency the SecondSigned
This is brilliant. You have a real gift with words.

Author's Response: Wow - thank you! Your compliment really blows my mind, considering that English is not my native language! I'm very happy that you like the story!

Jong_Kahn2018.03.15 - 07:27AM8: Occlumency the SecondSigned
This was an especially well-written chapter. Your decision to have Hermione go to Lockhart for the memory charms was inspired, as was your description of how she handled him, learned from him. It made logical sense, felt like it could have been canon, it was so 'realistic' as far as the HP magical world was concerned. So too, your psychological explanations for Hermione's feelings, Severus' understanding them, and how he was finally 'getting' her as an individual, what made her tick. Quite well done, and to me the most impressive chapter yet. Thanks for all your hard work writing it.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for your praise! I've always been wondering how Hermione could have managed to learn what surely must be a very complicated charm - a complete memory modification, that left her parents functioning in every other respect. It came to me when I was re-watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with my son and Lockhart was bragging how he excelled in memory charms. All the better that he would never remember teaching her. :) Actually, trying to keep things canon (or trying to even explain things that don't make sense in canon) is one of my main goals when writing. I'm working on a new piece right now, which hopefully will explain all the odd things about the Prophesy, the night Lily and James died, what Voldi did hanging about in that forest in Albania and lots of other stuff. It's really fun to discover the answers that never were canon, but actually make perfect sense. I hope you will agree if you ever read it. :)

loreen772018.02.08 - 10:52PM8: Occlumency the SecondSigned
Now I extra excited and looking forward to the next chapter.

loreen772018.02.06 - 10:51PM8: Occlumency the SecondSigned
Wow. Great thoughts on how she could have accomplished the Obliviation. I really enjoyed the idea of Lockhart being involved. So creative to work out those details. This story is s lot of fun to read and I find your style and writing very engaging and entertaining.

Author's Response: Thank you, Loreen! For following and always leaving nice comments! The next chapter is for you!

emcnary2018.02.05 - 09:58AM8: Occlumency the SecondSigned
I love your exploration of her skills with Obliviation--Lockhart was a brilliant addition! Very much looking forward to more, as this is very well-written. Hermione' s grief and guilt are palpable in this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter will be about Legilimency. I found all the mind gifts extremely interesting. Hopefully, you will, too! :)

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