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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

Jong_Kahn2018.03.15 - 06:44AM7: NightmaresSigned
What a sweet end to the chapter: her keeping his robe on, which gave her the comfort to sleep soundly. Lovely stuff.

Author's Response: I can't thank you enough for all your lovely comments!

inthedesk2018.02.10 - 05:03PM7: NightmaresSigned
I am so enjoying this story. Thank you for sharing.

Snuffalus2018.01.31 - 04:51AM7: NightmaresSigned
Wonderful story. Very believable and intriguing. Looking forward to the next bits!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've already posted the next chapter. It will be up as soon as the admins have approved it.

emcnary2018.01.28 - 08:20AM7: NightmaresSigned
I love this story. Your characterizations are spot-on and your dialogue is wonderful. I can't wait for them to stop dancing around each other--I wonder, will Occlumency reveal anything interesting? I look forward to another update!

Author's Response: Well, it kind of depends what you define as 'dancing around'. There won't be any physical transgression to their student-teacher relationship. But they will definitely cross quite a fews lines, have some heated moments and will know what they want even before they get physical. There will be a whole lot of intimacy - just not the sexual kind any time soon. And yes, Occlumency will continue to play a huge role, and will definitely 'reveal something intereting'. (Think back to your wording once you get to chapter 16....) Thanks a lot for your review!

loreen772018.01.18 - 06:51AM7: NightmaresSigned
Sometimes itís the littlest thing that saves someone else. I found it fascinating that the one little item she did, and thought wasnít enough, was the key to saving him. Great chapter!

snivellivellus2018.01.17 - 06:42AM7: NightmaresSigned
No idea why my review posted to chapter 6...i could have sworn I was on 7. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: I don't mind where you post your reviews! Just put one with every chapter to be on the safe side :D Thank you!

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