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Reviews for Halloween at Hogwarts

vze57t9j2019.03.06 - 02:05AM2: TreatsSigned
Excellent story! I always love a good Halloween fic. This is truly begging for a sequel if you have the inclination. Lovely and fabulous on its own as well. <3

Werbsister2018.10.12 - 09:32PM2: TreatsSigned
Love all your stories. Iím glad you finish them also. Itís so disheartening to start a really good story and the other just gives it up. Yours are always delightful!

fynnsmom2018.06.09 - 09:40PM2: TreatsSigned
I really liked this story. The Halloween ones are always fun. I loved that Hermione was the designated apparater.

KristinO2018.05.14 - 08:01PM2: TreatsSigned
Thank you for this wonderful story! It's in-character and so pleasant to read. Really delightful and well written.

Lunalove222018.04.01 - 06:58AM2: TreatsSigned
Thank you for writing your stories. I love them.

Lunalove222018.04.01 - 05:55AM2: TreatsSigned
Thank you for writing your stories. I love them.

Jong_Kahn2018.03.17 - 11:06PM2: TreatsSigned
Thank Heaven for 'Random'. It allowed me to find this delicious little story. A new favorite--thank you!

Author's Response: Yay! Iím glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!

snapegeek2018.03.17 - 04:39PM2: TreatsSigned
Loved it. I want to know what happens the next morning and for the reminder of the year. I was glad that Snape kept most of his book personality.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I did try to keep Snapeís canon personality at least somewhat intact while also putting him in a silly situation. I may revisit this story at some point and continue it. Havenít decided yet.

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