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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

Jong_Kahn2018.03.15 - 06:47AM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
You start out the next chapter, describing Hermione "...giving him the experimental note she wrote with it, telling him in his own words how she feels about him." Actually, the way it read to me, I thought she was writing out the way he would describe his feelings to her--that was how it seemed. No matter, as it's a great quill regardless! (And an excuse to give you another "10")

Author's Response: Ah! Misunderstanding here.. I guess I didn't really make it clear enought what I meant. Hermione was writing down how SHE felt (she wouldn't presume to know his feelings regarding her). The quill put it into words he would have used if he had said the same thing (about her, or anyone). She then gives him the note, telling him her feelings, now put into a language he should be able to understand: Snape-Speech. More of that in the next chapter. ;)

Jong_Kahn2018.03.15 - 06:23AM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
How I love that quill! If Hermione gets stuck trying to think of a diplomatic way of telling something to Snape himself, all she'll have to do is attempt to write down the direct thing she wants to say, and it'll provide her the phrasing she needs! Lovely stuff - good chapter! Thank you.

Author's Response: We'll see the quill in action one more time in the upcoming chapter (or maybe it's not the upcoming one, but two or three chapters down the road, I'm not exactly sure) Except Hermione is trying to figure out what he meant to say exactly by using a reverse charm on it. Well, she thinks it might not yet be working properly. :) Thank you very much for your lovely reviesws!

snivellivellus2018.01.17 - 06:39AM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
Loved "A Kiss for the Netherfairies" and looove how the sequel is coming along. I really wasn't ready to say goodbye. it's killing me that they haven't had so much as a hug though. JUST ONE LOOONG HUG. PLEEAASSEEE. SOOOON.

Author's Response: Sorry - 'hugs' are a little too much for Severus at this state :) But I promise plenty of intimacy, sexual tension, a bit of flirting and eventually some smut. Hope that will do! :)

raj2018.01.17 - 01:26AM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
Another great chapter - I'm really enjoying this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Sampdoria2018.01.03 - 12:46PM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
Loved the update, thank you so much

loreen772017.12.28 - 09:43PM6: Wands, Whotnits and WeapknatsSigned
The quill with auto-Snape correct was brilliant!! Omg. So so funny!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd love such a quill, too. I'd write down all his lines from the movie and hope to discover hidden meanings - like when he pesters Harry about Asphodel and Wormwood in his first lesson... :)

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