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Reviews for In Sickness and in Health

loreen772017.12.24 - 07:54AM2: TwoSigned
Chronic pain is as much emotionally disabling as it is physically. To me it is therefore logical, that when she is emotionally drained she would likely be tearful. For myself personally I am with more likely to cry over emotions, especially When I was exhausted, that if I am physically in pain. I found her tears to be very appropriate in this situation.

Sampdoria2017.12.21 - 06:36AM2: TwoSigned
Thank you so much for the update, I loved it. Of course Hermione is allowed to be emotional, who wouldn't be when you are in constant pain, knows that the odds are for you to die before a cure is found, and having to bear the burden of comforting those two nitwits Harry and Ron who are way to busy feeling sorry for her and them selves to be of any comfort and/or strength. Besides, if one can get Severus to hold one at night, I would have shed an extra tear.....

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