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Reviews for In Sickness and in Health

emcnary2018.01.16 - 01:55PM1: OneSigned
Hmmmm....I'm curious to see where this goes. I think you are right in Severus' characterization in this--I'd like to think he'd be a little softer if he'd survived.

loreen772017.12.24 - 07:38AM1: OneSigned
Hello and welcome to Ashwinder. I donít venture to other fan fiction sites very often, so I have not read your story before. But I have to say you really got me hooked with the first chapter. Hermioneís situation brought tears to my eyes. I am looking forward to reading your whole story.

Sampdoria2017.12.18 - 05:52AM1: OneSigned
I love this story and look forward to read it all over again. Thank you so much for submitting it in this archive too:-))

zaubernuss2017.12.17 - 06:22PM1: OneSigned
I already read this story on another site and I loved it! Your Severus is adorable, and I also like Draco a lot. Good job! Hope you'll get lost of reviews!

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