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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

inthedesk2018.02.10 - 04:25PM5: DetentionSigned
I'm enjoying this story immensely. Your plot is original and your dialog is spot on. Please keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm afraid all my stories are a bit too much on the dialogue side, so it probably doesn't appeal to everybody. It's just that how stories start in my head - with people talking. At least I know who they are and they are talking to each other and not to me, so it's hopefully not pathologic. :)

MayCosta2017.12.25 - 02:33AM5: DetentionSigned
Hello! I love this story! I would very much like to read the sequel, but I never read any unfinished stories for iím too anxious. Do you have livejournal, twitter or some place else where I can be notified when you post? Thanks!!

Author's Response: The story is already finished. Posting here will take a while longer, though, because it's a bit more work due to formating on this site, and becauese each chapter has to be approved. This gives you an even better, doubly-edited version, but if you're okay reading it with just one beta-reader: The story is already fully posted on fanfiction dot net, same author, same title. I'd be happy to hear from you there!

loreen772017.12.21 - 10:08PM5: DetentionSigned
Another amazing chapter. I like the idea of apprenticeships. I always found it weird we did not see any in the books or movies.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wonder if apprenticeships were done at Hogwarts. From all we know, the fact that Severus is a Master of Potions really stands out - I've never heard anybody call Minerva a Mistress of Transfiguration or Flitwick a Master of Charms. So I guess I'm stretching Canon a bit if any of them teaches their successor. But then, we never learn how people become a teacher. Neither Lockhard, Remus, Trelawney or Umbridge appear to have had special qualification for the job - so most likely, anybody who's competent in a subject (or not competent at all ;) ) can become a teacher. It's kind of weird in a school that has such an excellent reputation, isn't it?

raj2017.12.19 - 08:38AM5: DetentionSigned
Another great chapter! The conversations between these two are so well written, both when they are having a significant discussion and when it's more of a casual chat. And I just love Luna's continued contribution to the unfolding of the story. :) Lovely work!

Author's Response: I love Luna! She's really special and I like her entirely different view of the world. Luna will continue to play a role in this. :) Thank you for your lovely comment!

Ghislaine2017.12.18 - 01:05AM5: DetentionSigned
I am enjoying this so much. You're writing both of these characters as the very intelligent people they are meant to be. Please finish this, because I cannot wait to see what happens next. They deserve to be happy, and I think you can give them a believable future together.

Author's Response: I can vouch for their future together ;) I also believe that - despite their age difference - they have much in common. I'm usually not into teacher-pupil relationships, but I honestly can't see either of them with anyone else. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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