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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 09:00PM13: In the GardenSigned
Cheers for posting.

ShadowHand2005.08.28 - 12:42PM13: In the GardenSigned
Biddy reminds me of a Jewish grandmother...lol "Eat, eat! You're thin as a stick!"

lacey weasley2004.08.05 - 08:19PM13: In the GardenAnonymous
Your story is very entertaining, and is very well written. It was believeable. I hope that isn't the end.

Severo Snape2004.03.28 - 09:54AM13: In the GardenSigned
Wow!! Love your story! Update soon! We want more! Sincerely, Severo Snape

Cynthia in West Virginia2004.03.26 - 09:14PM13: In the GardenSigned
I LOVE your story! Chapter 9 was WOW!!! I can't wait to see what happens in chapter 14!!!!! Thanks for having Severus able to transform into a crow and to spy on Hermoine, how delicious!

ancientgirl2004.03.16 - 04:28PM13: In the GardenAnonymous
Love these last couple of chapters. So our Potions Master has taken to stalking his prey as a Raven? How utterly delicious!

Tandy2004.03.16 - 04:00PM13: In the GardenAnonymous
Yay they spoke again! Can't wait for more!

devsgma2004.03.16 - 11:05AM13: In the GardenAnonymous
Somewhere (perhaps in a time paradox?) I have read through chapter 15 and it's killing me waiting for the rest. As a new author myself I know the agonies of letting something go before you feel it's ready - could you please tell me where else this is posted? I can't remember where I read the other chapters.

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