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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

DarkenCoul2018.07.01 - 12:00PM4: Occlumency the FirstSigned
I'm not sure what else I could say that I haven't already said, but goodness you just have such a way with words! First I love how you described occlumency, it's makes much more sense than simply blocking and further explains why it was so difficult to teach Harry. It's unfortunate that it wasn't explored more in the books, but then again, it means there's more for fanfic authors to play with. What he experienced in her mind, how she's feeling and dealing with her friends and why she can't turn to any of them is all so very Hermione. It's easy to picture her as being that person, the sounding board for everyone, she was always more mature and so seems the one that it would be most natural for them all to turn to. Not thinking of everything she'd been through and was feeling because to them, it's almost like she was above it all, or better able to sort through her feelings. When in reality, just because something is more logical and mature in their reasoning, doesn't mean they know any better how to deal with their emotions. Being mature doesn't make up for lack of experience and the years someone's been alive can only do so much. Some things simply must be learned the hard way and dealt with for the lessons to sink in. I love how Snape is being, so true to character, and yet with the undercurrent of tension, it's like you can feel that his foundation is shifting about, and he feels it to and isn't sure how to deal with it. Falling back on habit will only get him so far before he's going to have to sit down and have a good think and come to new understandings and realizations, not just about himself, but about Hermione too. This is the kind of story that I can read multiple times and each time notice something I didn't before or understand something in a new way. To really catch all the nuances, I think I'll have to read it a dozen times, at least. I don't mind. :-)

Author's Response: I surely won't tire of reading you reviews, and admittedly, I read them more than once! :) I love how much thought you give to every detail while reading, and how deeply you're analyzing the story / the characters in order to give me feedback. Snape's character is one of the most interesting ones in HP, and like with the mind arts, JKR gave us much to play with. :) I've seen him in many stories; some portrayals more convincing than others, but a lot of authors manage to write him convincingly, but altogether differently. Mine is just the version I prefer him to be - an exterior that only reflects the surface, but doesn't show even a third of the depth behind. I'm happy that you like 'my' Snape! I totally agree with everything you said about maturity and dealing with emotions in your review, by the way. :)

Jong_Kahn2017.12.19 - 09:04AM4: Occlumency the FirstSigned
I really appreciated the thought you'd put into describing occlumency. "...you can disguise a memory in such way that it appears to be something else entirely....Cloaking disdain behind pity, passing obsession for love, claiming to feel love when itís actually jealousy or masking insecurity behind arrogance or hatred. You can do so with memories by giving the situation a superficial, alternate meaning. Your goal is to hinder, to slow, to lead astray." Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I always found Legilimency and Occlumency highly interesting subjects. Too bad they weren't really explored in the books. On the other hand ... it gives us fanfic authors much more material to play with :)

raj2017.12.15 - 07:21AM4: Occlumency the FirstSigned
Lovely story!

loreen772017.12.05 - 06:11PM4: Occlumency the FirstSigned
I read this chapter last night in bed and it was such a perfect chapter to read at bedtime. Well done!!

Sampdoria2017.12.05 - 07:11AM4: Occlumency the FirstSigned
Thank you so much for another great update.

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