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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

DarkenCoul2018.06.15 - 11:43PM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
Hermione went through so much during the war that her reactions and internal struggles now are so logical, exactly what you'd expect from someone with her experiences and so very well written. The mounting tension she's under is palpable and even more so her relief and relaxation in the potions classroom almost makes ME want to take a deep breath and relax, lol. His frustration is also so sensory and evocative so one minute I'm feeling Hermione's struggle and sleepiness and then next I'm feeling his irritation at her. Your timing for each scene, the pace from one imagery to the next is perfectly placed, nothing ever feels rushed. You are giving your readers time to fully embrace the feelings they are meant to before moving into the next emotion. The scenes are natural, not forced like so many pale and flat fics out there. Perfect.

Jong_Kahn2017.12.02 - 12:51AM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
Poor Hermione! I know what it's like to fall asleep to the drone of a loved one's voice. It truly does represent safety, which is an emotional prerequisite for falling deeply asleep. As she's been an insomniac, she's particularly vulnerable, even forgetting about her strong feelings of attraction for Snape. Good psychological depiction--for both of them. Snape's frustrated, too! Here's the previously unassailable Miss Granger, whom he could count on to pay attention--not paying attention! I look forward to seeing how you'll have them both deal with this.

Author's Response: Have you ever felt this tingling inside your head, too? It happens rarely, and I can't even pinpoint what triggers it. Sometimes it's random acts of kindness, or someone speaking or moving in a manner you find incredibly soothing - in any case, the result feels really divine. Putting it mystically, I'd say it's like a brushing of souls. I really wish I knew what to do to actively recreate the feeling. *Sigh*

loreen772017.11.23 - 11:10PM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
PTSD is still the most common way people refer to this group of issues. But since it is more of a collection of issues or could even be described as a spectrum of disorders the medical world is changing to calling it a Syndrome (PTSS) rather than a disease (PTSD). Just an interesting fact. I think you are fine to use PTSD in your story. So far I think you are doing a good job of describing her emotional state.

loreen772017.11.23 - 07:41AM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
Brilliant chapter. The way you are able to convey her mental state is truly amazing. PTSS (the preferred medical term is syndrome not disease), is such a multifaceted issue. I really appreciate your presentation of her mental state. I find the wizarding world lack of mental health care appalling. I look forward to seeing how Severus is able to help Hermione.

Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that the way I presented her mental state was not totally wrong - I don't know anything about it, not even that there is a difference between PTDS and PTSS (or is it just that we Germans use PTSD wrongly?) I googled symptomps of panic attacs and read a few articles on the internet. Please note that my story will probably not represent what's really going on with people who suffer from this syndrome. Hermione get's better far too soon, and I doubt it'd be so easy in real life. It was just to touch on the issue and give me a back-up story for Severus' intervention. :) Thankfully, in real life, professional help is available! Thank you for your review!

Sampdoria2017.11.21 - 08:28AM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
Thank you so much for the update. I know the wizarding world is far behind in many ways from the muggle world, but are there honestly no teachers who sees that at least some of the students who fought a war the year before, have problems? While Hermione is the character in this story, she can hardly be the only one who has mental scars, it seems rather ignorant by the school faculty to not address the problem and help those damaged by the war.

Author's Response: Hello - and thank you so much for your review! Yes, you're right - they should have foreseen war-related traumata in kids who faught in a war. But if you think of it - a lot of things apparently happen in the wizarding world that we would never condone in ours. Did Ginny get psychological help after being posessed for a couple of months? If so, it wasn't mentioned. Did anyone ever offer Harry counselling due to the mistreatment in his childhood or the many traumatizing experiences in his youth, when he was about to be killed by Voldemort all those times? The list is endless. I can only presume that wizards are shockingly ignorant of injuries to the soul, and only deal with physical scars. Besides, if they did, I wouldn't have a story to tell :)

GracelessMary2017.11.20 - 02:26PM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
This is superb. Your writing, your understanding and descriptions of the aftermath of the war are thought provoking and sensitive, and the characterisation of our two favourite people is perfectly matched with how JKR gave them to us. I am so happy to have found this, and I can't wait for more beautifully heartbreaking writing from you!

Author's Response: Wow - thank you! I'm smitten! Your kind words really mean very much to me - I'm happy that you enjoy reading my story so much and that you agree with my portrayal of the characters so far. Hope you'll like the following chapters as well! Thanks!!!

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