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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

Eucalyptus2017.11.08 - 08:24PM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
Canít wait for more!

Author's Response: Oh no! I just noted that the new chapter I posted two weeks ago doesn't turn up in my account! I've been wondering why it took the admins so long to approve it! Something must have gone wrong while saving it! :( I'll have to to it again tomorrow...

silvertoad2017.11.08 - 04:35PM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
Love it already! The start just as I hoped and much promising. How difficult may it be to research the emotions of a person one cares a lot, if you are not able to put in order your own emotions and feelings??? Canīt wait to read on!

Author's Response: I'm happy that you enjoyed the first chapter! Severus will find it much easier to analyse someone else's feelings than his own. Isn't that always the case? I guess the same is true for other people's faults as well :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Karline2017.11.08 - 03:03PM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
After reading the original story I was more than happy to see the ending comment about a sequel... and looking into the first chapter now I am sure it will be as wonderful as the other story! What a wonderful start and what a good topic to look into, I am sure there is a wide field of things to explore and I am really looking forward to read more!

Author's Response: There is always so much more to explore in Ms. Rowling's world, and I'm really grateful that she gave us this huge playground! In a way, this story will be an accumulation of some things I wanted to touch on.. Hopefully, you'll find them interesting, too. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

loreen772017.11.07 - 05:19AM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
What a wonderful start. I am so happy that you were writing a sequel and really look forward to seeing it unfold. Her emotional distress in this first chapter made my heart break.

Author's Response: Oh - thank you very much! I always admire writers who manage to make you feel the character's pain. I honestly wouldn't pride myself in being able to do that. But then, it's awfully hard to judge one's own writing skills, I guess. So thank you for the compliment - it really makes me happy!

ilovecake902017.11.06 - 10:53AM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
I love it!!! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: I just put up the next chapter. Getting reviews is really an incentive! Thank you!

Sampdoria2017.11.06 - 08:11AM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
Thank you for posting the sequel, absolutely brilliantly written. You raise a good point: All the children affected by the war (and yes, Slytherins on the wrong side, or with family on the wrong side is included), why haven't anyone truly talked to them? How could the adults just expect them to fight for their life, and their world, and then go back to being students without any guidance and/or treatment? Again, thank you so much for the chapter and the sequel.

Author's Response: Well, I guess in the world Ms. Rowling painted for us, children are being treated differently than what we consider normal nowadays. Honestly - had one of my children been a pupil at Hogwarts, I'd have pulled them out right after the troll incident. :) I also wonder why Ginny never got counselling after being possesed by Voldemort through the Diary. She must have had some kind of trauma after that experience, no? The wizarding world seems a bit more cruel and careless about quite a few things (think of what they do with all those poor animals in Transfiguration :o ) Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this!!

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