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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

Hyotae2018.09.21 - 01:52PM24: Epilogue IISigned
WOW! One of the best stories Iíve ever read about Snape and Hermione. And the epilogue just wrapped everything so nicely and just perfect! Thank you so much for writing these two stories!!!! I hope this review and many others encourage you to continue writing such amazing stories. Thank you so much for this experience, I shall cherish it forever.

Author's Response: Thank YOU, Hyotae, for this wonderful review that made me smile all over my face! I'm currently back in my vampire universe, but I have no doubt that I'll eventually get back to Snape and Hermione again. Readers like you are so much fun to write for!

DragonIris2018.09.12 - 02:54PM3: The Ballroom IncidentSigned
I know what you mean about controlling nightmares. I had nightmares, every night, for about two years. My motherís grandmother taught her some techniques to cope with bad dreams that I now realize were old folk magick. Some of them worked, eventually. I have always been a logical minded girl so I rolled my eyes initially but sheer desperation made me try them until something worked. However, it didnít work in the way I expected. I didnít stop having nightmares, I developed a knack for lucid dreaming. When a nightmare began, I would realize I was dreaming. The weird part is my consciousness would divide into two partsóthe first was the person in the dream and the second was the part of my mind that knew it was dreaming. I could stay in both places ó watching the dream and experiencing it. This including my dream-self experiencing the emotions evoked by the dream. Additionally, the me that was still in the dream knew what was going to happen right before it did. When the nightmare started to get too scary, I could change the script of the dream into something not scary. I could designate ďnot scary dreamĒ and then choose to experience a new dream. If I sunk into it completely, it became like any other non-scary dream; my watching awareness would rejoin the one in the dream. I lost the awareness it was a dream which meant I no longer knew what was going to happen. If I opted to completely stop the dream, I could either wake up or do something entirely different in that white, misty space. This is a little embarrassing, but probably not surprising: I always opted to go flying. I didnít sprout wings or anything like that, I just flew. It was the most exhilarating experience ever, better than any roller coaster. I didnít fly over terrain or anything; itís really difficult to describe, but Iíll give it a try. If it were possible to fly in a space only big enough to contain yourself while having the perception of a vast space around you that you neither saw nor flew in, that would be it. As for the path, imagine diving into a pool and the initial arc you take through the water before you ascend to the surface. Imagine doing that either repeatedly in a straight line or over and over again while not being able to see or feel when you started over, it just happened. I hope that made sense. If I could draw the path, it would look like the bottom curve of a ďU.Ē Flying sessions never seemed to last long enough but when I woke up, it was morning.

Author's Response: Wow! I really envy you for your lucid dreaming ability! I never got as far. I have dreams in which I realize that I'm dreaming, but then I wake up. Or, my subconscious changes my dream without me becoming aware of it being a dream - by having people running thorough it screaming 'cut', 'cut' - and then the scary scene is on reapeat, but I'm aware that it's just a movie. The thing is that I am hardly ever myself in a dream. I'm mostly like a character in a movie. I have a personal perspective, but hardly anything has do do with my own life, not even the people in it. That makes nightmares more difficult to begin with, as I'm always rather detached. If I could control my dreams, I'd be flying the entire time! I only experienced it a handful of times, but it was beyond description. The funny thing is that I'm aware I shouldn't be flying, and other stare at me and wonder how I do it. And every time, I give the same explanation, wondering why they are so amazed, as flying is really easy: Jump up and simply don't come down! :)

joannie2018.09.09 - 03:40PM13: Family MattersSigned
Really! Draco is not Snapeís godson. Oh for crying out loud! I thought he was. It doensít change my view, I will stick with Draco as his godson. Thank you for pointing that out. joannie

joannie2018.09.09 - 02:47PM13: Family MattersSigned
Really! Draco is not Snapeís godson. Oh for crying out loud! I thought he was. It doensít change my view, I will stick with Draco as his godson. Thank you for pointing that out. joannie

Author's Response: Yes, that blew me, too! Did you know that Bella carving Hermione's arm only happened in the movie? She suffers no such injury in the book, which totally surprised me when I read it again. I guess after a while, for true fans, all these ideas and images kind of merge. But that's the beauty of it - it makes the HP world so much richer!

joannie2018.09.09 - 02:24PM12: Two PrincesSigned
I am finding the depth to which you have thought out the workings of the Wizarding world is amazing. Because it has depth, I keep reading; I should have left you a review after every chapter as each one gets better. Your explanations are plausible. I think of Occlumency has put up distractions and thoroughly ridding your mind of thoughts you do not want to have exposed. But your explanation of walls, threads and following emotions blows my mind away. You have obviously given a great deal of thought in formulating your strategy. Your character development is a joy to watch unfolding. I hope I am able to keep reading your story, because it is intriguing. If I find a story that too similar to mine, I make myself stop reading it. joannie

Author's Response: Thank you ! :) I'm glad you have found the story and enjoy reading it. Occlumency and Legilimency have fascinated me in HP and all the fanfics. Canon doesn't give us much to work with. I think the 'clearing of the mind' thing does play an important role in occluding. Though its's kind of hard not to think of a pink elephant if you keep thinking: Whatever you do - do not think of a pink elephant right now!!! :) And it's kind of hard not to think at all, too. :)

amber52018.09.07 - 03:30PM24: Epilogue IISigned
Loved it!!!

loreen772018.09.02 - 03:58PM24: Epilogue IISigned
Wonderful. I really enjoyed this second epilogue. The way you describe each child was so rich and detailed. I love thatís thereís one per house. I picture Hermione starting to treach and both parents looking down on the kids from the head table. Great job on this story!!

Ghislaine2018.09.01 - 01:02PM24: Epilogue IISigned
I've been checking every day to see if you'd written anything else, so I was thrilled to find this. The fact that Severus is Headmaster and now has one child in each of the four Hogwarts houses seems so appropriate. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Hermione leaves the Ministry and becomes a teacher so she can see her children more often. And Cedric being saved was the icing on the cake. Now stop reading this review and go write some more!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you , Ghislaine - writing some more - I'm actually doing that. Unfortunately for you though, my muse has me taken back to the very first fanfic I ever wrote, about Vampire Diaries. I went back to reading my own story, liked it and was inspired to continue the sequel I started writing before drifting off into the HP universe. As to HP, I have finished an extract from the missing Christmas chapters (which I still plan on finishing some time), but since it's exclusively Severus and Harry, I can't post it on this site. If you're interested in reading it (or if you like to give the vampires a try - it has a very cool, utterly sarcastic and disdainful hero, too) got to fanfiction.net and check my profile name, which is the same as here. I would love to meet you there! Apart from the vampires, I also started writing a companion piece about Hermione and Severus helping Ginny after her accident. You see, I have still a lot of ongoing projects, and I don't think I'll stop writing anytime soon. :) Thank for being so supportive and faithful!

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