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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

loreen772018.08.06 - 10:12PM23: Epilogue ISigned
Epilogue #1 is lovely. It made me laugh and smile happily. I enjoyed how you paired off everyone. Especially how you handled Draco and Harry, yet found a logical way for Scorpius to still be born. Looking forward to epilogue part two. Then if I get my wish, part three four five and more.

Ghislaine2018.08.04 - 07:52PM23: Epilogue ISigned
I admit it. You made me cry, but they're happy tears. How wonderful that Neville's parents are on the road to full recovery. Severus and Hermione are using their talents and intelligence for good, and they deserve their success. Their scenes together and the scenes with their children are adorable. But is this really the end? I thought you said there would be TWO epilogues. I'll miss this so much. Favor us with more stories, please.

Author's Response: Aah, that‘s so sweet of you, thank you! Yes, I have another epilogue coming - a glimpse a couple of years into their future. I have also almost finished a more experimental story about Harry and Severus. I‘ll be similar to the Netherfairies in structure, but (obviously) without the romance. It‘s my attempt to fill all the logic holes we were left wiith in Canon and answer all the questions that still remain. And last not least, the missing Christmas chapters are coming as a story, with quite a few fluffy, heartwarming and lemony moments in it. I’d be happy to see you around!

loreen772018.07.23 - 10:44PM22: Everything Coming TogetherSigned
You know, I don’t think I have heard a new phrase “adult” phrase for happy trail. I also always loved the term. Very descriptive and made me smile. I agree with all the shave and waxing in Hollywood now days, maybe it doesn’t get used as often. Lol. According to urban dictionary it is also a garden path or a stairway to heaven. Never heard either of those before. Their funny, but happytrail is better.

kass422018.07.22 - 09:38PM22: Everything Coming TogetherSigned
Great chapter!

loreen772018.07.22 - 07:34AM22: Everything Coming TogetherSigned
That was immensely satisfying. So sweet but honest and raw. It was one of the best “first time together” scenes I have ever read. I loved the way you were able to convey their emotions, love and insecurity. Very authentic. The fact that you used the phrase ‘happy trail’ made me laught out loud. It made me think of my high school days gossiping with other girls about some boy with his shirt off. I wonder if the younger kids even know that phrase anymore? Thank you for an amazing story overall but also for what is my favorite chapter you have written!!

Author's Response: See... that's what happens when you have a German writing in English! I had no idea that 'happy trail' is probably not a modern, adult or common expression. In fact, there is no German word for it, I think we simply use the English one. I don't even rembember where I came across it - certainly not in my English classes ;) I think it was in a movie or TV series... was it Vampire Diaries? Quite possible. That would explain why it made you think of high school. Now I wonder - is there a more modern or adult expression? It'd be a pity, because I think it's a really nice and descriptive word for it. But I guess nowadays guys all shave (and shave ALL), so maybe they don't even have a happy trail anymore? Okay, probably not a toppic we should discuss here ;) Anyway, I'm very, very happy that you liked the chapter. Generally, I'm most interested in what goes on in peoples' minds - not only in these scenes. After all, that's what makes the difference between a book and a movie. Having both - a movie to watch and the according book to read, is the best of both worlds - like vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce. I guess that's why I love fanfiction so much. My heartfelt thanks to you for being such a faithful reader and reviewer! It means a lot to me!

Ghislaine2018.07.21 - 01:02PM22: Everything Coming TogetherSigned
This was so much better and sweeter than I could ever have imagined. Hermione saying that they would learn from each other how to overcome their different insecurities was the perfect way to explain why they will make each other happy. I loved reading that Severus is now admired by the students, after so many years of being feared. I look forward eagerly to the epilogues. I did notice that a word was left out in the sentence, "His breath had caught when she had vanished her school earlier in the evening." I think you meant to say school ROBES. Oh, and I enjoyed the image of those school robes turning into a flock of birds and flying away. That would have made a wonderful scene in the film. Thank you so much for this. It's been a joy to read.

Author's Response: Thank you, Ghislaine, for your review and for telling me about the missing word. I corrected it right away. Sadly, this often happens when I edit a text, and no matter how often I re-read everything afterwards, these things often escape my notice. I'm glad that you liked the ending of the story. I can promise more sweetness in the epilogue, which is admittedly full of fluff. :) Thank you for being such a faithful reader and reviewer!

AussieWolf2018.07.15 - 05:19PM20: Future PlansSigned
It occurred to me that I haven't reviewed your story yet and I'm very sorry for that. I'm really enjoying it and eager to see how far it goes!

Author's Response: Well, it goes as far as one more chapter and two epilogues, but Hermione and Severus will go all the way. :) Just don't expect anything too lemony... I've been trying to be subtle with my descriptions... :D I don't feel too comfortable with writing very explicit stuff, though there might be something a bit more kinky coming in a one-shot eventually... :) Thank you for reviewing! I appreciate every comment!

loreen772018.07.13 - 10:29PM21: What Happens on Graduation DaySigned
Anticipation is an amaIng aphrodisiac. I love the idea of birds made of their robes flying away. I think the imagery that creates is beautiful. It’s such a unique and poetic idea. I eagerly await graduation day!

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