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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

emcnary2018.04.24 - 08:19PM15: Holiday AftermathSigned
Nice! I love how they are muddling through these thoughts and feelings! It's sweet to see how their differences make their conversations somewhat awkward--it makes it much more authentic because conversations can certainly be the way! Thank you for the new chaps!

Author's Response: Hello, emcnary! Thank you for your reviews! I'm happy to hear that you liked the chapters you've been reading. I'll post the next one by the week-end (my week has been rather busy, so I'm a bit behind, too). Thanks for commenting!

emcnary2018.04.22 - 01:19AM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I'm so dreadfully behind! This was sweet--I love that she wanted his scent back on the robe.

kass422018.04.15 - 10:50PM15: Holiday AftermathSigned
Woohoo! Lovely update!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

loreen772018.04.15 - 10:01PM15: Holiday AftermathSigned
Agree that Rickman is the embodiment of Severus to me. Cool calm and collected. Anger controlled. Honed to a knives edge. That is how I picture him. But going back into her mind is going to test him in a whole new way. I donít know is he, or she, are really ready for that. I am really enjoying this story and look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: They are going to step into a minefield. In this regard, is certainly was not a good idea. But it will bring forward issues that need to be disussed and solved, so eventually, it'll be a good thing. Totally agree with your adjectives of Rickman! I like 'honed to a knives edge'. See, these are things I'm missing out in English. I understand them when I read them, but they don't occur to me. Well, good to know that there are other expressions that carry my meaning, even if they sound a bit unusual to English ears.

loreen772018.04.15 - 05:22PM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
First. I loved this chapter. Probably the best yet. Your writing has me so emotionally enthralled. I love it. Second. While English ya not your first language, please donít doubt your writing ability. If you did not point out your native language, then I would have assumed it was English. Your writing is superb and so detailed. I really enjoy it. Yes, occasionally your sentence structure or word choice is a little atypical, but that is a good thing. Third. I so excited that you are being bitten by so many spinoff plot bunnies. I look forward to reading these stories as well.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, Loreen, that means really a lot to me! I have no chance to judge myself with regard to my writing. My beta is careful only to correct things that are plain wrong or will be misunderstood. She hardly ever suggests different expressions or sentence structures, probably because she's terribly polite and doesn't want to hurt me. But every time I go back over a chapter, I find things that make me think 'oh, but there's a better way to say this!' and I start editing again. It's a curse, really. That way, no story will ever be completely finished!. But then, I do that with the German translation, too. I guess I'm a perfectionist. :)

loreen772018.04.15 - 04:45PM13: Family MattersSigned
I love the idea if this hodgepodge group being together for the holidays. I hope Harry asks and Severus accepts. Severus prince..... very interesting to see the idea of him returning to his maternal family name.

Author's Response: I liked for him to have a new name. His own is connected with too much darkness and never brought him any luck. His mother had loved him, if only while she could. I think he'd rather honour her memory than that of his father. Besides, Prince has a much nicer ring to it than Snape. As to Harry and Severus - eventually, they will have a looong talk. It's already seven chapters long at this point and almost finished. I'll publish it as a separate story once this one is fully published. Hopefully, the Christmas story will be done by December, too. :) Thanks for following and reviewing!

Mikimoto2018.04.15 - 12:28PM15: Holiday AftermathSigned
I think you are right. There is frequently no going back once we have crossed certain boundaries for the simple reason that "back" is not the same anymore. He could act like he used to but both he and Hermione have changed. There is no "back" anymore. However, that being said, there is no reason to run forward into a future that is a minefield. Seeing inside her mind will now have more sexual thoughts in it than it used to have...thoughts she can either seek to hide or thoughts she can use to seduce. Either way, it is a minefield. For both of them. I think he represents an answer to her need for security and that explains why she longs for his nearness but I think she doesn't recognize what her nearness does to him. It is like asking him to hold a sweet fluffy kitten and not pet it. How long can you honestly keep that up? You either have to put the kitten away or pet it.

Author's Response: You have no idea yet how right you are! Yes, they will be stepping into a minefield, and I will probably be taking all of you along... :) At first glance, they will both wish that they hadn't continued with the lessons, but the things that happen will bring forward a very important issue regarding their future relationship. And ultimately, it's really helpful that they sort it out. I like your fluffy kitten analogy! I can totally relate to it, as we have two sweet bunnies which are adorably cute, but don't like to be petted at all, so all we can do is watch them. Yes, that's hard!

Jong_Kahn2018.04.12 - 12:34AM14: What Dreams May ComeSigned
I have to compliment all the thought you have obviously given the matter of Severus calling on both Aberforth and Dobby to save the Golden Trio. It fits into JKR's original story perfectly, and makes dramatic and emotional sense. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! If you're interested in finding logical answers for some of these background inconsistencies, I hope you will enjoy the companion piece I'll publish as soon as this story is finished. It's mostly about all the events before, in and after the night James and Lily died and the theories I have on what really happened. And Severus was right in the middle of it all. :)

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