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Reviews for Getting the Best of the Gloomilows

loreen772018.06.23 - 02:44PM20: Future PlansSigned
I love the idea of the unspeakable job. It fits her so well.

Ghislaine2018.06.19 - 10:39PM20: Future PlansSigned
Their futures look to be bright, indeed. It made me happy that Hermione knows what she'll be doing after she graduates, and I think this career will suit her interests and abilities very well. Severus will be spared most of the dunderheads and could even enjoy teaching. Nicely worked out, ma'am.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

Mikimoto2018.06.18 - 10:15PM20: Future PlansSigned
It is great to see all of the loose ends being tied up and Hermione is less anxious about her future. I wonder what Luna dreamt about. She has been very accurate in her observations in both stories. Thanks for sharing your story.

Author's Response: She might have dreamt about what you're going to see in Epilogue 2... :) Thanks for leaving a review again!

DarkenCoul2018.06.17 - 11:07AM3: The Ballroom IncidentSigned
I love how Severus has become her safe harbor and all the reasons she mentioned make perfect sense. I also love how he feels metaphorically all warm and fuzzy inside because of it lol. I never actually thought about how carrying all that stuff around would have to have a consequence, because of course it would. If matter can neither be created or destroyed, simply change form than just because she make everything weightless in a magical bag doesn't mean she's not going to feel the weight of it, in some form or another. Having it be a constant drain on her energy makes perfect sense too. I love the slowly building relationship, how Severus truly wants to help her, not just out of obligation but because he genuinely desire to, even if he doesn't understand it yet. Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Sadly, Ms. Rowlings left us a bit in the dark as far as the functioning of magic is concerned. Sometimes, wizards conjure things out of the blue, and I often wondered if these things will remain substantial forever, vanish after a while or only after the death of the wizard who materialized them in the first place. If conjuring is so simple - why can't the Weasleys just conjure or multiply anything they need? How can any wizard be poor? What do they need any money for anyway? These topics will come up again here and there, as I tried to come up with my own explanations for how magic works. I prefer it to be within the laws of physics. If conjuring is turning energy into matter, then the energy has to come from the wizard, and that should be true for every charm that is cast. As to Severus... yes, when things get emotional, he starts floundering. He prefers things to be logical, and his own feelings towards Hermione defy his own reasoning. Too young, to innocent, too Gryffindor - she's a complication, a disturbance in his long established universe of solitude and negativism. His outlook on life in general is 'accept things how they are, because the could always get worse'. Kind of depressing, but at least reliably so. He has yet to come to terms with the idea that he might experience something like happiness. But we'll get there eventually! :) Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on this!

DarkenCoul2018.06.15 - 11:43PM2: The Soothing Qualities of PotionsSigned
Hermione went through so much during the war that her reactions and internal struggles now are so logical, exactly what you'd expect from someone with her experiences and so very well written. The mounting tension she's under is palpable and even more so her relief and relaxation in the potions classroom almost makes ME want to take a deep breath and relax, lol. His frustration is also so sensory and evocative so one minute I'm feeling Hermione's struggle and sleepiness and then next I'm feeling his irritation at her. Your timing for each scene, the pace from one imagery to the next is perfectly placed, nothing ever feels rushed. You are giving your readers time to fully embrace the feelings they are meant to before moving into the next emotion. The scenes are natural, not forced like so many pale and flat fics out there. Perfect.

DarkenCoul2018.06.14 - 11:10PM1: The Incident in the HallwaySigned
This opening chapter was wonderful, I love the situation you created to put him in front of her again for him to take real notice of her state of mind. Much better than if she had done something intentional to get his attention. You have a real uncanny knack to get into the mind of Severus and the way he was portrayed, both in books and in the wonderful acting of the very much missed Alan Rickman. His puzzlement and consternation with his feelings towards Hermione is downright endearing from the outsiders perspective. I love stories like these that aim to get inside the characters and reveal their thought processes instead of being nothing but action action action. It makes for a much more layered character and makes the why behind their actions much more understandable and relatable. Also, loved the closing line, he's definitely feeling a bit entangled! <3

Author's Response: I absolutely love with how much detail you respond to each and every chapter! I realize that it take a lot of time and effort to put your thought into words and I very much appreciate the feedback! Thank you!!!

loreen772018.06.10 - 06:21AM19: Sea of SerenitySigned
.... happily sighs...... that chapter was like a cuddle after sex. It left me feeling warm, happy, and content. I think the compliment he paid her was the sweetest thing I have ever read. Absolutely Lovely!

Author's Response: Cuddle after sex or diving into a welcoming mind :) I like the first and wish I could ever try the second! Thank you very much for being a faithful reader and reviewer and writing wonderful comments!

Ghislaine2018.06.05 - 03:48PM19: Sea of SerenitySigned
What a lovely chapter. I especially enjoyed Severus' pride at Hermione's breakthrough in occluding, and how he felt warmth and acceptance when he was inside her mind. The lovely compliments he paid her (even though she had to prompt him ) put a big smile on my face.

Author's Response: Compliments and praise coming from people who are not known to use them in abundance are just priceless, aren't they? So much more worth than then polite niceties, though I admit I like those, too! As much as I like nice reviews such as yours! Thank you!!

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