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Reviews for A Kiss for the Netherfairies

joannie2018.09.02 - 02:20PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
Definitely, one of the best chapters I have read on this site. I loved the interaction and word-play. joannie

Author's Response: Sorry! I haven't looked into the reviews to this story for ages and am only finding your comments now! Thank you so much!!!

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:50PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
This might just be my favorite chapter, I just read it twice more before reviewing. Here, finally, they've reached almost a tentative understanding of each other, an almost truce you could say. I adore that Severus certainly reached a level of comfort, [no matter how discomfited she makes him feel], to be downright playful [for him] with her! I laughed so much at the bit about how he said she got her 'exceeds expectations' in his class, and her response was, here's that word again, perfect! The back and forth, the exchange, the inner thoughts spiraling deeper is just a sight to behold. How you ever came up with the word play to flow so seamlessly and hold so much meaning, is incredible. I love the subtle teasing, I love Severus inner agitation as she gets deeper and deeper under his skin. THIS is how the story should always have gone, he getting to live and gaining his redemption and Hermione and he make far more sense. I could never understand pairing her with Ron, that was nearly as absurd as all the plot holes! I absolutely love this perfect, perfect story. Now I'm off to start my second read through of the sequel, leaving my reviews as I devour it a little slower this time so I can savor it. I will do my best not to beg in my reviews for you to update it faster, but I can't promise! :-) <3

Author's Response: You're absolutely right - Ron and Hermione never made sense to me, either. He's just too goofy... and honestly, what are they ever going to talk about? Hermione is so much ahead of her peers in terms of maturity and intellect that she could never be with a boy her age. I can't truly say that I'm into older guys (my husband is the same age as I am), but for Hermione, it totally makes sense to look for someone who's her intellectual equal, or better yet, someone she admires for his intelligence and knowledge. Severus' face never betrays any emotion (thanks to the brilliant playing fo Alan Rickman), but from the complexity of his character and his history, we know that A LOT has to be going on beneath that stoic surface. Tightly reigned in emotions, passions, insecurities, doubts and even fears. I had a lot of fun trying to look into his head and wonder about what might be going on in that brilliant mind of his. He's definitely my favorite character, and I absolutely disagree with JKR that one wouldn't fall in love with him! Hey, and take all the time you want writing such detailed reviews - I sure LOVE reading them!!!

mt_nestor2017.11.23 - 04:37PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
"Besides, we spent the last two hours overstepping boundaries, so we might as well go the whole way." My favorite line.

Author's Response: :) Glad you like it! Thanks!

lolife2017.10.28 - 03:20AM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
Please continue this. What an evil and unexpected cliffhanger! Well done. :)

Author's Response: I posted the last chapter yesterday. I'll be up as soon as it has passed 'inspection'.

loreen772017.10.26 - 07:47PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
Yes, please kiss her!!!! Great chapter. The dialogue is amazing. The way you write, it is like I am watching the scene in my mind. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll see that I'll get the last chapter up by tomorrow. Then you will know... :)

Orangika_Snape2017.10.23 - 12:22PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
More soon, please? This cliffhanger is killlllllling me!

Author's Response: I promise to get it up within the next two days. But it always takes a while for the chapters to be approved by the admin, so no guarantees! Thank for your review!

Pixie Dust2017.10.19 - 09:38PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
This cliffy is evil!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Sorry! I'll post the last chapter within the next days - we are having autumn holidays at the moment and I'll be away for a few days. But I'll take my laptop!

VelvetChocolate2017.10.19 - 11:31AM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
I have greatly enjoyed this tale so far. You just had to end the chapter on a most tempting cliff didn't you? The way you have written it I can see this going both ways in the next chapter for varying reasons. Eagerly awaiting the next installment in this saga!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your comment! Of course I'm ending chapters with a cliffy - I'm hoping that people will read and review ;) Actually, this ist not quite a saga, there is only one more chapter to come. But the sequel has turned into quite a long story... will be about 24 chapters, if you wish to continue reading after this. :)

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