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Reviews for Happy Birthday, Hermione

zaubernuss2017.11.16 - 09:58AM1: One-shotSigned
I hate giving presents, too. I mean it's really great if you have this great idea, something surprising, entirly original, something the other person realizes that instant has been missing from his life for years! But sadly, there are hardly presents out there that fulfil these criteria. So they're either things you already have, never wanted, would have chosen differently or could have bought for yourself. I think the greatest presents you can give someone is writing him/her a letter and telling him/her why you like him/her so much. Of course, even that get's dumb in repetition... :(

Author's Response: Ugh, me too. I have experienced Snape's frustration in this story in real life many times. More often than not, I fall back on either handmade stuff or gift cards/cash.

Ghislaine2017.10.01 - 11:48PM1: One-shotSigned
This brightened up a very dull day, so I thank you for such a delicious confection. Please write another story showing us the perfect gift Severus does eventually buy or create for Hermione.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I originally wrote this years ago, on Hermione's birthday. I knew that I wanted Hermione and Severus to celebrate together but I couldn't think of what he would give her for the life of me. My blank spot turned into his frustration, lol. But I think it fits. I don't think he has much experience with giving (or receiving!) gifts and would probably dislike the uncertainty of the whole ordeal.

loreen772017.09.25 - 09:33PM1: One-shotSigned
Lol. Loved this!!! Fun and sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks! Just a quick lil sidetrip since her birthday was last week.

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