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Reviews for A Kiss for the Netherfairies

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 03:24PM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
And lastly, that kiss that kiss that kiss, oh my! [fans self] And this line: "Potion making clearly was not the only fine and subtle art he had mastered." LOL Oh I'm quite sure that potions are certainly not the only thing he's mastered. I literally laughing right now as I type this. Could that chapter have been any more perfect? I found it amusing that in Hermione's introspection of what it would be like to kiss him, you covered every other way that kissing Snape and always been described. And then you took it beyond that, into a beautiful maturity, a rightness that was painfully exquisite. I love how you closed it, the re-establishing of boundaries, but different, almost ephemeral boundaries because they can't exactly go back to how things were can they? But most importantly, you left the end with hope. Hope for the future, for more glorious conversations [which you delivered in the sequel in spades], and for eventual love, and of course, more kisses. You built the suspense in this story little by little, layer by layer and then you fulfilled it with the beginnings of an all-consuming romance. Absolutely lovely, and, always, perfect. :-) <3

Author's Response: Lol... most people said that they liked the kissing scene very much, which is funny because I always have a hard time writing about these intimacies - it's just not my thing :) I admit I kind of left the road of what most likely happened and wrote about what I wished had happened. I don't know how realistic it is that our beloved Potions Master is a good kisser... After all, I painted him as having plenty sexual experience, but no emotional bonds with anyone. So did he kiss the women he was intimate with in this way? I only ever kissed a man I loved, so I have no idea how kissing is with people you just have sex with. I feel that it's a most intimate thing (you always here that prostitutes don't kiss for exactly that reason) and that one would probably not indulge if it was just a one night stand. But, like I said, I just don't know. So let's just presume Severus liked kissing just for itself and had ample practice. Or that he took the scientific approach and did thorough research just out of interest and because like Hermione, he likes to excel in the things he does. :) At least, that would be my justification if anyone was to point out that Snape kissing like that was highly unlikely :D

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 03:04PM3: A Matter of Life and DeathSigned
Yes, the link worked! Hurray! I will definitely read them all there as well but I think I will wait to leave my reviews on the later chapters until they've been posted here, so I can re-read them again to see any changes you've made. :-) Thank you! You, my dear, are a fantastic writer with incredible insight and an intuitive grasp of the depth of the characters. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Author's Response: Looking for changes won't work once I'm through... I updated most of the chapters on Fanfiction.net, too, so that the stories are the same. :) Thank you very much for boosting my confidence so much! It's especially hard for me to judge my own writing skills, given that I'm not writing in my native language. I guess I dare to get more creative in German... in English, I have no idea if using certain images or expressions would still be understood or sound okay. I puzzled my dear beta a few times when doing so in English. :) But I love the language and love learning more and more by writing and reading stories. I'm really happy that English native speakers appreciate them and enjoy reading them! Thank you again! You rock!

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:50PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
This might just be my favorite chapter, I just read it twice more before reviewing. Here, finally, they've reached almost a tentative understanding of each other, an almost truce you could say. I adore that Severus certainly reached a level of comfort, [no matter how discomfited she makes him feel], to be downright playful [for him] with her! I laughed so much at the bit about how he said she got her 'exceeds expectations' in his class, and her response was, here's that word again, perfect! The back and forth, the exchange, the inner thoughts spiraling deeper is just a sight to behold. How you ever came up with the word play to flow so seamlessly and hold so much meaning, is incredible. I love the subtle teasing, I love Severus inner agitation as she gets deeper and deeper under his skin. THIS is how the story should always have gone, he getting to live and gaining his redemption and Hermione and he make far more sense. I could never understand pairing her with Ron, that was nearly as absurd as all the plot holes! I absolutely love this perfect, perfect story. Now I'm off to start my second read through of the sequel, leaving my reviews as I devour it a little slower this time so I can savor it. I will do my best not to beg in my reviews for you to update it faster, but I can't promise! :-) <3

Author's Response: You're absolutely right - Ron and Hermione never made sense to me, either. He's just too goofy... and honestly, what are they ever going to talk about? Hermione is so much ahead of her peers in terms of maturity and intellect that she could never be with a boy her age. I can't truly say that I'm into older guys (my husband is the same age as I am), but for Hermione, it totally makes sense to look for someone who's her intellectual equal, or better yet, someone she admires for his intelligence and knowledge. Severus' face never betrays any emotion (thanks to the brilliant playing fo Alan Rickman), but from the complexity of his character and his history, we know that A LOT has to be going on beneath that stoic surface. Tightly reigned in emotions, passions, insecurities, doubts and even fears. I had a lot of fun trying to look into his head and wonder about what might be going on in that brilliant mind of his. He's definitely my favorite character, and I absolutely disagree with JKR that one wouldn't fall in love with him! Hey, and take all the time you want writing such detailed reviews - I sure LOVE reading them!!!

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:24PM3: A Matter of Life and DeathSigned
I am absolutely interested in reading the Christmas conversation, so definitely send me the link! Also, I've already finished all the chapters so far posted here of the sequel [blush], I couldn't stop til I devoured them all. I am now going back through and reading them again and leaving my thoughts on each chapter while I attempt to patiently wait til more are posted. :-)

Author's Response: Okay, here's the link to the Harry Potter / Severus Snape story. I've not yet posted the last chapter, as people seemed not really taken with this. I have it basically ready and it WILL be added - I was just busy with quite a few other things lately, so I didn't really get around to posting it. My beta has to go through it before as well.. I'll see that I get it finished within the next couple of weeks. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12870795/1/The-Truth-Behind-It-All You will find the Gloomilows finished on Fanfiction.Net, too. I'm translating the story into German, and while doing this, I always end up changing and adding to the original English version. So if you stay here on Ashwinder, you will always get the latest and (hopefully) best edition. But if you're going to go through the story again anyway, you can go ahead and finish it on the other site, too. :) Patience is not MY forte :D Does the link work?

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:18PM4: A Matter of OpinionSigned
And here even more layers are peeled away and we start to see who each one really is underneath and it's so beautifully poetic, and furthermore, logical. You weave the conversation expertly and with precision and at the same time with subtle finesse. Again, perfect.

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:06PM3: A Matter of Life and DeathSigned
Suffice it to say, you expressed exactly my own frustrations with the story JK wrote. It all seemed so full of holes and ways to easily go wrong that as a bucket it certainly would never hold water. I was always surprised at how many people didn't seem to question it and it always frustrated me. The whole 'plan' really didn't make sense and truly was absurd. So thank you for righting that injustice, even if only in fiction.

Author's Response: Oh, if you're into these logic hole things (I definitely am - I hate then in stories!) I might have another Harry Potter story that might b of interest for you. Once you start on the sequel, you will be missing two weeks of Christmas holidays. These chapters were originally not intended to be part of the story, but I wrote most of it in the meanwhile. And it so happens that Severus and Harry have a heart-to-heart in it: about everything that happend in the night his parents died, about the prophesy and why Snape gave it to Voldemort in the first place, why Voldemort didn't react right away, about WHY on earth Voldi spent 11 years in a forest in Albania and and and.. Basically, I'm trying to close every hole that JFK left us in her books, I hope I did so successfully. If you're interested and dont't want to wait: I published this 'story' (not yet finished) on Fanfiction Net. Sorry to say it didn't get many reviews - most people don't seem to be into these things so much. It's absolutely not a romantic story, just a very long talk between Sev and Harry about past events. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the link. :)

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 02:03PM2: A Matter of TrustSigned
This chapter is what really astounded me. Severus instant reaction to Hermione and her statement was so visceral, so realistically Snape. You've written them so genuinely in character that I have no problem at all easily picturing this taking place. It's logical and doesn't require any suspension of belief to read, like so many fics out there. And Hermione's response! It was fabulous and perfectly put him in his place, I had to read it about a dozen times, it was glorious! This whole chapter was beautiful and felt very much like peeling back another layer to their interactions even as each character revealed a little more of themselves. Your humor and wit is perfectly timed to relieve the tension when needed and the poignant questioned asked precisely when the tension needs piqued. Perfectly balanced. And you're going to get tired of me saying perfect, but I can't help it when it's so true.

Author's Response: I'll surely never get tired of hearing anyone saying 'perfect' :) I'm totally flattered that you think so highly of my talent as a writer. I often read other stories out there and feel mediocre at best in comparison. But I guess in the end, it comes down to taste and personal liking. It's surely very rewarding to see that another person appreciates something you created as much as you did yourself. So by all means - keep going! :D

DarkenCoul2018.06.13 - 01:57PM1: A Matter of DelicacySigned
This first chapter was so captivating, I absolutely adore the weaving of the story, the netherfairies are brilliant. I love the dynamic you establish with them so early, this push and pull, a little give, a little take. It's perfectly opposing and equally perfectly in harmony.

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