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Reviews for A Kiss for the Netherfairies

raj2017.11.25 - 12:30AM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing it!

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment!

christfreak2017.11.24 - 01:29AM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
Fabulous! What a build up to a kiss. I would love to see the sequel. :)

Author's Response: The first three chapters are up. I'm afraid the build-up to the next step in their physical relationship will be even a bit more straining - it's about 24 or 25 chapters ;)

GinnyW2017.11.23 - 10:37PM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
I read this fic last week and was happy to see you were working on a sequel. Thank you posting and writing new SSHG fic for the rest of us to enjoy. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so deeply caught up in this world now that I might not be leaving it anytime soon. :)

mt_nestor2017.11.23 - 04:37PM5: A Matter of ConscienceSigned
"Besides, we spent the last two hours overstepping boundaries, so we might as well go the whole way." My favorite line.

Author's Response: :) Glad you like it! Thanks!

slpkfast2017.11.11 - 10:12PM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I enjoyed your mix of prose and dialog, and felt like your characters matched my perception of how they might behave. You write a very believable Snape. Thank you for sharing your talent and your work. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Author's Response: I'm happy that you agree with my portrayal of Severus' and Hermione's character. I really hope you'll like the sequel, too.

Eucalyptus2017.11.08 - 08:00PM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
What an enjoyable interlude! Your Severus is spot on...silky voiced, buttoned up, brittle and hiding so many alluring facets. I love how honorable he is. Your Hermione is achingly earnest and vulnerable...but undergirded with the right amount of steel. I so look forward to reading the sequel! These introspective stories that explore motivations are my favorites. Action has its place, but getting inside the head of a man like Severus is many kinds of delicious.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love getting inside his head - I'm really grateful that Ms. Rowlings and Mr. Rickman gave us so much to play with!

Sampdoria2017.11.06 - 07:58AM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
Thank you so much for a wonderful story, your Severus and Hermione was utterly perfect ant you wrote the dialogue between them so perfect. I loved the story, I am totally sure that there is no way they waited 8 months for the next kiss, they would not have crossed the next line, but I am absolutely sure Hermione managed to steal a kiss or two during the time before her graduation. I would love to read the sequel, I will be looking for it:-))

Author's Response: Hello! First of all, thank you for THIS review ... I saw you also discovered the sequel. :) So, you can't imagine they'd wait for eight ong months before they kiss again? Well, we'll see about that. At least I can promise many moments of sexual tension later on. But never underestimate Severus Snape, that man has determination! ;)

loreen772017.11.05 - 10:26AM6: A Matter of ConsequenceSigned
Bravo!!!! I adored this story. I was so sad to see this was the last chapter. But the idea of a sequel. Yes!!!! Please. Pretty please post more. I found your writings to be so authentic feeling and beautiful to read. I felt like a giddy school girl while reading this ( something I have not been in 20+ years). Thank you. This is also being added to my favorites!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you - I'm really touched by your review and the fact that you liked it so much. It's fun writing, but it's even more fun when now that I'm able to share my hobby with others - especially when I receive such heartwarming praise! Thank you!!!

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