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Reviews for Silhouette

loreen772017.09.04 - 08:25AM11: Chapter XSigned
I am so happy that we have Ashwinder back and that wonderful authors, such as yourself, are updating. I went back and reread several chapters to get back into the flow of the story then eagerly devoured this new chapter. I really loved the scene in the Doctor's office. And it was wonderful see Severus open up a little while playing chess. I look forward to the next chapter!!

Jinxed2017.08.28 - 08:10PM11: Chapter XSigned
I am really enjoying following this story and missed it when Ashwinder was down for all those weeks. Thank you for sharing it.

Javoher2017.08.21 - 03:21AM11: Chapter XSigned
Very interesting chapter. There's a lot going on that Severus doesn't understand I suspect. it seems he doesn't truly think Healer Barnes really does have his best interests at heart. He understands people who wish him ill far more readily. Fascinating contrast between Strout and Barnes. Thank you for keeping this story going.

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