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Reviews for Time Immemorial

snapefan19832017.11.07 - 04:58PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
doesnt she know that the stick is a wand??? She patted her robes, looking for clues. Well, a stick wasn’t going to help her. She found a purse, which was disparately fancy compared to the rest of her stained things. Patting the side of it, she found there couldn’t be much in there, it was too small to hold, say... a sandwich, so that was tucked away too. After a brief internal struggle over her limited options of stay or go, she staggered out into the tunnel that seemed to be the only entrance or exit with the grace of a newly born fawn, legs shaking and uncertain.

Author's Response: She must have forgot.

Sampdoria2017.11.06 - 09:24AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Thank you so much for writing and sharing a very well written and well plotted story, I look forward to read more.

loreen772017.11.05 - 09:59AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Another greAt chapter. I always liked Lupin, but I understand why Snape doesn’t. Lupine one big character flaw is being unable to stand up to his friends. Which most people can understand and sympathize with. But with Severus being the target of said friends, if I were him I wouldn’t be able to forgive Remus either.

zaubernuss2017.09.26 - 05:05PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Oh, this is good! Wonderfully written and it has a really interesting angle. I like this beginning much better than that of most time-turner fics. Looks like we're in for a long ride...

loreen772017.09.24 - 05:40PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Nosy Albud for sure. I really enjoy the ghosts looking out for Ms Granger. And Severus is just so perfect.

loreen772017.09.24 - 05:28PM9: Chapter NineSigned
The picture of sullen teen snaps rolling his eyes and mouthing FU was great. So funny.

kudlatek2017.09.23 - 01:25PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Can't wait for more! How much linger for Hermione to wake up?

Jong_Kahn2017.09.23 - 02:12AM9: Chapter NineSigned
Ooh! Is the Fat Friar hoping that between Severus' shyness and Mystery Girl's quietude, Snape will plant a kiss on Hermione's unconscious lips? So it would appear...

Author's Response: Severus is too conscious of the importance of consent to consider kissing a sleeping girl, and is acutely aware that he's only half a Prince and isn't anyone's true love that he knows of. ;)

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