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Reviews for Time Immemorial

Jadecadence2018.06.11 - 12:44AM12: Chapter TwelveSigned

Jadecadence2018.06.11 - 12:40AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Enjoying every chapter I am.

Jadecadence2018.06.11 - 12:32AM10: Chapter TenSigned

Jadecadence2018.06.10 - 10:53PM6: Chapter SixSigned
For the last few chapters, I acknowledge you are a wonderful writer. Please complete this fix as most of the ffs now are cringy.

deedeebug952018.05.19 - 10:05AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Fantastic story, so well written patiently waiting for more.

loreen772018.05.15 - 10:45PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Fascinating chapter. The tree. The coin. I am very curious and look forward to more.

Tigerlily3042018.05.13 - 12:13PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Love the story so far, I've always liked the time travel genre and I love the fact that James and Sirius are seen as bullies not just lovable pranksters ( their no Weasley twins) and that smart, beautiful and adored by everyone Lily Evans is not a saint.

Author's Response: Thanks! I know it isnít a popular view, but Iím a Severus partisan of the first order.

ThatFatCat2018.05.06 - 01:51AM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Really enjoying this - so glad to see it moving along :)

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