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Reviews for Time Immemorial

kudlatek2017.09.23 - 01:25PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Can't wait for more! How much linger for Hermione to wake up?

Jong_Kahn2017.09.23 - 02:12AM9: Chapter NineSigned
Ooh! Is the Fat Friar hoping that between Severus' shyness and Mystery Girl's quietude, Snape will plant a kiss on Hermione's unconscious lips? So it would appear...

Author's Response: Severus is too conscious of the importance of consent to consider kissing a sleeping girl, and is acutely aware that he's only half a Prince and isn't anyone's true love that he knows of. ;)

Pixie Dust2017.09.22 - 07:41PM10: Chapter TenSigned
Each chapter just leaves me wanting more!

kudlatek2017.09.17 - 07:59AM8: Chapter EightSigned
Interesting so far! I can't wait for more :) when will Hermione regain consciousness? I'm looking forward to next chapters!

loreen772017.09.16 - 12:54AM8: Chapter EightSigned
I adore your teenaged Severus. I just want to pinch his cheeks and hug him.

loreen772017.09.16 - 12:43AM7: Chapter SevenSigned
Whit was a fun addition to the staff.

loreen772017.09.15 - 02:25PM6: Chapter SixSigned
Fascinating head of house for Severus' schooldays. I am really enjoying your detail, thought, and creativity in this story.

littlesnapeplushies2017.09.14 - 05:50PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Oh this looks very promising! I love reading time-turner stories, so I'm excited to find out how this one will go. Also looking forward to some interaction between Hermione and Severus :) I like how you portrayed Riddle and the story behind the Dark Mark. The part where dumbledore asks the castle to grant her sanctuary is very original and a great idea. This Defense teacher... I wonder if one can trust him? This has been a treat to read so far, and I'm looking forward to future installments :) Keep up the good work! And thank you for sharing this :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Re: the orginality of the Sanctuary, I must credit Badgerangel's "Smoke" with the idea of the Sanctuary. I did contact that author about using the idea (once I remembered where I read it), although we did it differently. (And they were okay with it.) Here's the link for that story if you are interested, it is one of my favorite WIPs. http://archiveofourown.org/works/5070385/chapters/11659717

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