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Amr2017.10.25 - 11:21PM1: Signed
What a delightful one-shot! I didn't think the premise sounded terribly promising, but I know your skill of old, so I was sure it would be wonderful, and it was. Although I'm a Hobnob fan myself, I can certainly sympathize with Severus's obsession, and I can just see him buying out the store, and eating the "extra" packet at the Grangers as well. Thanks for the smile.

loreen772017.09.03 - 09:39AM1: Signed
Very sweet and wonderful. I enjoyed this a lot. I agree chocolate digestives are an excellent guilty pleasure. I am sorry your eclipse day was rainy. We were 88%. I little cloudy. But still get to see it. Really cool with the glasses.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I've never had those Tesco's chocolate digestives, so I'm glad my guess was perfect for a 'guilty pleasure.' I appreciate your review - I'm so glad this site is back!!! Helena

Mikimoto2017.08.22 - 02:59PM1: Signed
So cute. I like the stress-free Severus as we are always seeing the stressed-out Severus. I think we all have guilty favorite foods. I have to stay away from peanut M&Ms because to eat one is to eat them all. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. It is a sweet story and a real blessing to have Ashwinder back so it can be shared.

Author's Response: You are most welcome! I, too, have missed Ashwinder dearly. We all welcome the site back and hope it is here for many years to come. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to tell me how much you enjoyed the story. Helena

Jong_Kahn2017.08.20 - 01:24AM1: Signed
I haven't even read this story yet, and since we're getting ready to leave for viewing the eclipse, I haven't time. But I am SO happy to know that Ashwinder is back, that I had to express it here, since yours is the first story on top! I'll give you a "10" just because I'm so tickled and happy! (And I promise I'll read and review the story on its own merits in a few days!) If you're anywhere near the eclipse--enjoy it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the shout-out! I hope your eclipse experience was a 'once-in-a-lifetime!' Where I'm at, we were supposed to get 97% coverage of the sun, but it rained buckets and no one saw a thing.

AlwaysSS2017.08.16 - 09:39PM1: Signed
So I had to perform a Google image search on the "long-eared owl". For some bizarre reason, my mind conjured some poor bird with the droopy ears of a basset hound and I thought for sure that you had to have made it up. I was glad to be wrong, lol. I also had an emotional moment at the thought of a tiny Severus Snape having to attend his first day in mismatched shoes. I'd buy him ALL the biscuits/cookies too. I really enjoyed how you gave a history in this short story without it taking up all the room. The story could've survived without knowing the hows and whys of their relationship, especially amongst HG/SS fans, but having it was nice. :) Thanks for the lovely distraction.

Author's Response: What a kind review. Thank you! I actually googled 'owls of Great Britain' to decide upon a descriptive, so that's where that came from. And you know young Master Snape had it rough. Poor thing. Thank you again, and let's keep this site up and running! Helena

Ghislaine2017.08.16 - 02:24AM1: Signed
What a sweet story. I've missed Ashwinder so much, and this provided the perfect homecoming. I live in the U.S. but I have eaten my share of chocolate digestives and I don't blame Severus one bit for eating all seven boxes! Thank you for a wonderful story. It cheered me up after a horrible week.

Author's Response: Yours may be one of the most touching reviews I've ever received - thank you! I have also been hoping for Ashwinder's return for weeks - I've missed this site so much. The second it came back up I posted this and one other story. To know that my story brought you some cheer during a down time really means a lot to me. Thank you, and keep smiling! Helena

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